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House OKs bill on state guard

 . The Arizona House has approved a bill that would give the governor more authority to use a state military force aside from the National Guard.

The bill allows the governor to establish a new military force for any reason the governor sees as necessary.

State law already allows governors to establish “an armed force” when National Guard troops are activated by the federal government.

The 39-20 Monday night in the House night sends the bill to Gov. Jan Brewer.

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  1. Everyone:

    I am just one member of a small group of Arizona Citizens who have been advocating for the activation of the Arizona State Guard since the beginning of 2011. Our efforts are being headed up by retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Luther “Luke” Taylor.

    More information about our effort to see the Arizona State Guard become a reality can be found on our website at http://www.arizonastateguard.com .

    Title 32 State Defense Forces already exist in 23 states, including California, New Mexico, and Texas. The fact is, Arizona is the only southern border state that does *not* have an active State Defense Force.

    Our small group aims to correct that situtation. With your help, we can make it happen. Please contact us if you are willing to help us spread the word about our effort.

  2. Charles Yuditsky, Arizona State Guard, LLC

    Too bad your neo-Feudalist Arizona Citizens Militia does not exist anymore. Don’t give me any **** about “indipendant” groups.

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