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  • The headlines we really wanted to write on election night

    We see lots of things from our virtual perch high above 1700 W. Washington. Our exposure to all things political in Arizona typically results in some mix of these three reactions: Often we laugh, occasionally we’re astonished, and rarely we’re surprised. Our continual challenge to …

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  • Flake can’t stop himself from issuing warning to GOP

    As the GOP wave that had started on the East Coast began cresting over Arizona on Election Night, excited energy filled the Hyatt as many seemed to sense that some power was coming. But not every Republican in the building was jumping for joy.

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  • Cubs Win!

    And by that I mean the City of Mesa’s voters agreed to fund an $84 million training complex for the Chicago baseball institution, allowing the team to continue preparing for 30 more heartbreaking and frustrating seasons of futility.  Or maybe the lopsided vote in favor …

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  • Hulburd had a ‘funny’ win speech, but he won’t get to use it

    Nearing 10 p.m., Jon Hulburd’s campaign manager Josh Abner had decided his candidate had talked enough about his likely 10 percentage point defeat at the hands of Republican Ben Quayle.

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  • “It’s a very difficult night for Democrats” with GOP seen as gaining veto-proof majority

    Three incumbent Democratic state senators appear to be on their way out, based on unofficial and preliminary results on Tuesday night, dramatically altering the political landscape at the capitol. If they failed to mount a late comeback, the defeat of Assistant Senate Minority Leader Rebecca …

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  • Statewide offices: Republicans looking at a sweep

    With nearly half the state’s precincts reporting vote totals, Republicans looked poised to sweep Arizona’s statewide offices for the first time since 1994. By 9:15 p.m., the Republicans’ statewide slate took the stage at the Arizona GOP’s election night party at the downtown Hyatt to …

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  • At Hyatt, Ducey’s party lacks ice cream

    Walking into the ballroom of the Hyatt, I expected to be greeted by a crowd full of a careless energy, with drinks and merriment flowing as the GOP faithful watched their slate ascend to each statewide office.

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  • A BIG ‘thank you’ from Allen

    Sen. Sylvia Allen, who is well poised to retain her eastern Arizona seat in Legislative District 5, has sent a “thank you” email to supporters, calling her constituents “the best Americans in our country!” Allen, a Republican from Snowflake, typed the email in red, 72-point …

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  • AZ GOP smiling early

    Preliminary election results look promising for Republicans, who hope to gain supermajority control of the state Senate. Republicans hold the early lead in legislative Districts 23, 24 and 25, which are currently Democratic seats. Republicans Sens. Linda Gray and Al Melvin are also leading in …

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  • Weed whacked in CA

    While Arizonans await news about Proposition 203, the medical marijuana proposal, here’s a related story from the state next door: California voters appear to have rejected Prop. 19, an effort to legalize marijuana and allow local governments to tax the sale of the drug. Prop. 19 …

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