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Sheriff Arpaio urges no travel to Mexico after ad

Upset by an ad placed in a Phoenix newspaper, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is calling on Arizonans to avoid traveling to Mexico.

The half-page full-color advertisement appearing in Friday’s The Arizona Republic features a man who appears to be in the military gazing through binoculars with words proclaiming, “We are looking for people from Arizona.”

In a news release issued Monday, Arpaio says the ad “went well beyond being irresponsible, it appears to threaten Arizonans.”

The advertisement was, in fact, intended to draw tourists from Arizona. It was paid for by Sonora Turismo, an agency in the Mexican state of Sonora.

Spokesman Adolfo Salido said the ad was to run for two days and that only half of it was published Friday. The rest ran in Saturday’s paper and included the caption “In Sonora, we are looking for people from Arizona who want to have a great time;” that ad pictured people on the beach, having fun.

Javier Tapia, the coordinator for tourism for Sonora, said Monday that the Mexican state is “very interested in people from Arizona coming to have a great time. We don’t want to scare anyone. We are very friendly.”

Arpaio’s call to refrain from travel comes amid calls for boycotts of Arizona from cities and groups, including some in Mexico, over the state’s tough new law cracking down on illegal immigrants.

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  1. Mexico here we come!!!!!!!

  2. This ad was just an ad to increase tourism in Mexico? Sure it was….

    If this ad was just an ad to increase tourism in mexico, then why didn’t the ad say “In Sonora we are looking for people from all across America,” or “In Sonora we are loking for people from every bordser state”?

    The answer is simple:

    A law that deals with illegal immigration passes in Arizona, and this ad comes out. It has a man dressed in camo looking through binoculars and the words “In Sonora we are looking for people from Arizona.”

    People need to come against this ad and boycott Mexico. This ad seems to be divisive, hateful and seems to imply violence of some sort.

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