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Romley yanks money for Arpaio employer raids

Money that Sheriff Joe Arpaio uses to conduct work place raids has been cutoff by interim Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley.

Romley said the $700,000 the Sheriff’s Office expected should instead be spent on going after employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants rather than work site raids.

Romley said he will use the money to pay for attorneys, legal assistants and detectives to investigate employer-sanctions cases, and to work with and educate the business community.

Although he’s not getting the cash, Arpaio said there will be no changes and raids will continue.

His Chief Deputy David Hendershott said Romley is trying to do everything he can to destroy the enforcement of illegal immigration.

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  1. With all due respect to Mr. Romley, He does not want to enforce
    the immigration laws that are on the books.
    He is pandering to the illegal immigrants, just like Mary Rose Wilcox
    has done for years.
    Mr. Romley is another Rino, republican in name only.
    One would think that someone who has been in public office
    here in AZ for years and years, would put public safety first.

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