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State border security committee to get update on border fence

In this April 19, 2011, file photo, a member of the National Guard checks on his colleague inside a Border Patrol Skybox near the Hidalgo International Bridge in Hidalgo, Texas. National Guard members along the Texas-Mexico border assist Border Patrol by surveying the terrain from the tower. All major Republican presidential candidates have promised to secure the U.S.-Mexico border. Many support a fence stretching nearly 2,000 miles to do so. But a border that is sealed to all illegal immigrants and drugs is a promise none of them could keep. (AP Photo/Delcia Lopez, File)

A special committee of the Arizona Legislature devoted to examining border security will meet Dec. 20 to get an update on a project to build additional fences near the state’s border with Mexico through donations.

The committee will hear an update on the project’s fundraising from Republican state Sen. Steve Smith from the community of Maricopa.

Smith is leading the project to build the additional fences.

The state has raised more than $250,000 in donations for the fence project over the last several months.

The goal is to build a 15-foot fence in busy border-crossing points in yet-to-be-determined spots in southern Arizona and then erect fences along the 80 miles of the state’s 375-mile border that have no fences.

Fence construction hasn’t yet begun.

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