Gosar, Congress, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen Mark Milley, Gosar, U.S. Capitol, Jan. 6
Sep 26, 2023

Gosar back in spotlight with call for general to ‘be hung’ over Jan. 6

Two years after he was formally censured for a video that appeared to espouse violence against lawmakers, Arizona U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar has again grabbed headlines by saying the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would be hanged in a “better society.”

shipping containers, lawsuits, Ducey, federal government, migrants, immigration, border
Sep 25, 2023

Fight over Arizona’s shipping container border wall ends with dismissal of federal lawsuits

Two federal lawsuits filed over former Gov. Doug Ducey's decision last year to place thousands of shipping containers along the U.S.-Mexico border have been dismissed after the state said it would pay the U.S. Forest Service $2.1 million to repair environmental damage.

Hobbs, Trump, director nominations, Senate
Sep 14, 2023

Hobbs says state officials don’t have unilateral right to keep Trump off ballot

Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs said neither she -- nor any other state official -- has the unilateral right to keep Donald Trump off the ballot for the state's presidential preference primary based on the 14th Amendment.

election workers, threats, Arizona, Iowa
Sep 1, 2023

Election workers have gotten death threats and warnings they will be lynched, the US government says

More than a dozen people nationally have been charged with threatening election workers by a Justice Department unit trying to stem the tide of violent and graphic threats against people who count and secure the vote.

Petersen, Senate, session wrap, legislature, Republicans, Toma, housing, ESA
Aug 26, 2023

Q&A with Senate President Warren Petersen 

Senate President Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert, reflected on the 2023 legislative session.

Lake, Hobbs, election, governor
Jul 26, 2023

Lake can’t jump the line in her attempt to overturn her loss to Hobbs

Kari Lake isn't going to get to jump the line in her bid to overturn her loss of the gubernatorial race to Katie Hobbs.

transgender girls, sports, Petersen, Toma, lawsuit, students, judge, birth certificates
Jul 25, 2023

Top GOP lawmakers argue medical condition entitles state to prohibit transgender girls from playing girls’ sports

The state's top Republican lawmakers contend that it is a medical condition and not a discriminatory state law that entitles Arizona to bar transgender girls from participating in girls’ sports.

heat, Hobbs, utilities, APS, air conditioning, heat-related illnesses
Jul 21, 2023

Hobbs demands utilities tell her how they’re prepared for record heat

Gov. Katie Hobbs is demanding utilities tell her how they're prepared for record heat even though she has no legal authority to do so.

Crane, colored people, Congress, Grijalva
Jul 17, 2023

Crane’s use of ‘colored people’ in House debate brings swift condemnation

Reactions to Arizona Rep. Eli Crane’s use of the term “colored people” during a House floor debate Thursday ranged from “utter shock” to suggestions that it was a “dog whistle to white nationalists.”

presidential election, Trump, Biden, 2024, battleground state, Arizona
Jun 30, 2023

Analysts: Arizona will be ‘one of the keys’ to presidency, Senate in 2024

Two recent reports identify Arizona as one of four or five battleground states for the 2024 election, with one analyst saying the state could be “one of the keys to the presidency.”

signatures, petitions, Arizona Supreme Court
Jun 21, 2023

Court rules Arizona ban on per-signature pay for ballot initiatives constitutional

In a blow to groups trying to get voter-driven initiatives on the ballot, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a law criminalizing per-signature payment is constitutional.

police misconduct, free enterprise,Mesa Police, Utah, POST, Colorado, Arizona, Ducey, Data for Progress and the Justice Collaborative Institute, Freedom Forum, integrity
Jun 20, 2023

Ducey to head national “free enterprise” advocacy group

Doug Ducey will head up a national advocacy group that aims to promote the “free enterprise system,” the former Arizona governor announced on Tuesday.