Letters to the Editor

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Nov 1, 2022

Media unethically favors Democrats

You media sycophants cheated for the party responsible for skyrocketing inflation and violent crime, defunding police, open borders, record fentanyl deaths, sexualizing grade-schoolers, and energy-rich America kissing Saudi feet for oil.

Aug 12, 2022

Tomorrow We Vote is a stand-out program

Come meet Brent Whiting and Andrea Whiting, co-founders of Tomorrow We Vote, a Black and Brown-led 501(c)(3) non-partisan, nonprofit, organization focusing on registering young people to vote.

Jul 6, 2022

Trump is too polarizing to beat radical left

I hope the Democrats’ latest unethical, tax-wasting farce (Jan. 6 sitcom) to discredit a nemesis succeeds in keeping Donald Trump from running again.

Jun 15, 2022

Disabled vets getting short-changed 

Please introduce legislation now to set compensation at least at the level of the National Average Wage Index for all types of totally and permanently disabled veterans.

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Jun 10, 2022

Lawmakers should focus on banning intolerance, discrimination in classrooms   

Creating a clear and standard escalating process by which parents can resolve a violation with the teachers and school district is important before thrusting these issues into the courts. This escalation process will also help empower communities to avoid fines and rebuild trust between school leaders, educators and parents.  

Apr 8, 2022

New legislation is ugly 

Dear Editor: We need Arizona citizens to realize that legislative decisions are being made today that will have a harmful impact on our state. The bills and propositions being considered for passage by Arizona’s party in power are beyond comprehension.  A very loud and vocal element of our government wants to initiate laws that are […]

Feb 28, 2022

Free Black minds: Pass the Education Equal Opportunity Act 

Dear Editor,  As another Black History Month comes to an end and we reflect on the sacrifices made in the past by so many in our country, no sacrifice is as valued in the black community as the sacrifices that were made that allowed blacks to be properly educated.    But now in 2022, when […]

Feb 28, 2022

Allister Adel is a hypocrite

Allister Adel, has been extremely tough on DUI offenses. It is well known. She has used her position to punish those that had the same issues that she has dealt with. Could this be because she hated the fact that alcohol was also her demon?  I believe so.  She has had opportunities to “sensibly” and […]

Feb 28, 2022

Biden ignores border crisis

My inner optimist says most Biden supporters don’t yet recognize the ultimate risk from radical left policies of power-drunk politicians, guarded by media and tech giants. My darker angel says too many already know but won’t fight, not even for their child’s liberty and safety.  

Feb 22, 2022

Rep. Chavez: Let’s get focused on voter rights, economics

Dear Editor, As 2022 begins, many of us are reminded of the chaos, division, and seemingly distracted legislating that plagued the Democratic Party this past year. Holding a majority in the House, Senate, and White House is rare, and with a difficult midterm season on the way, the Democrats need to buckle down and focus […]

Feb 21, 2022

A Waiver of the AEL needs your support

It is imperative that the Arizona Legislature pass the Override K-12 Spending Cap before March 1st or Arizona District Schools will immediately face over a BILLION DOLLARS in cuts for the remainder of the school year. Understand, this is not a request for money! Voters need to take notice that the majority in the Arizona […]

Feb 8, 2022

The First Amendment is under threat by misinformation, fear

It is deeply troubling when freedom of speech is used for fear mongering, hurtful rhetoric, or misinformation.  Several elected officials and their base have infiltrated school board meetings.  The intent of these individuals is to garner attention by making false accusations about the Superintendent and board members with no evidence, rudely reading excerpts from books […]