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About Us

Arizona News Service is a multi-faceted Capitol news service that produces Arizona Capitol Times, Legislation On-Line Arizona (LOLA), Arizona Legislative Report, The Yellow Sheet Report,, Citizen Government Guide, Government Resource Directory, Book of Lobbyists, The Guide to the Legislature (The Green Book) and a host of other special publications and focus issues for the legislative, business and legal communities. ANS also hosts a number of events for the Capitol community including Best of the Capitol, Leaders of the Year in Public Policy, Meet the Candidates, Rock the Capitol: Meet the Freshmen, Morning Scoops and Capitol Roadshow. Arizona News Service was founded in 1906, six years before Arizona became a state.

The Arizona Capitol Times is the only brand dedicated to covering the Arizona Legislature, the Governor’s Office, state agencies and the Arizona Corporation Commission. We specialize in covering statewide public policy issues. We have unparalleled access based on more than 100 years of reporting, well-researched stories and our physical proximity – just across the street – to the statehouse. Our signature events provide platforms for pivotal policy discussions and serve as a focal point of conversation between the public and policymakers.

Simply put, we are the nexus between state government and the public. And we are focused on our niche; if it doesn’t impact politics in Arizona, we don’t cover it.

Our coverage influences policy, defines important issues and connects the various communities that make up state government.

The newspaper is published weekly on Fridays, and the Web site is updated by the minute as news breaks.

The newspaper was operated as The Messenger and Arizona Legislative Review before taking the name Arizona Capitol Times in 1982.

In 2005, Arizona News Service, which includes Arizona Capitol Times, was purchased by Minneapolis-based Dolan Media Company, Inc (later renamed The Dolan Company). And, in January 2016, The Dolan Company was purchased by GateHouse Media and renamed BridgeTower Media. GateHouse Media and Gannett merged, forming the new Gannett. BridgeTower Media was part of the new Gannett network until its sale to Transom Capital Group in November of 2020.

The newspaper covers state politics and policy with a focus on the daily activities of the Arizona Senate, Arizona House of Representatives and the state’s top elected officials, including the Governor’s Office. Reporters also focus on elections, court rulings and the actions of local governments. The paper regularly features commentaries, letters to the editor, an event calendar, legal notices, people-in-the-news pages, listings of state contracts, an Arizona news roundup page and political news from other states.

Arizona Capitol Reports is the umbrella for several print and electronic services that cater to the legislative community:

The Arizona Legislative Report is a daily newsletter published when the legislature is in session. Hand delivered to subscribers every day during session, it contains between 10 to 30 pages of bills, amendments and news notes on a daily basis.

The Yellow Sheet Report, known as the best political tip sheet in the state of Arizona, was traditionally published when the Legislature was not in session. In 2007, it went year-round and is available online at You can download a daily hard copy report by 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, view news items posted since your last visit, store items in a personal folder, search and print archived reports, comment on stories and even provide news tips for our reporters. Plus, you will receive daily e-mail alerts of the day’s top stories. The Yellow Sheet contains political gossip, information about regulatory agencies and legislative activities. Our team of reporters go between the lines of what’s going on at the Capitol to give our audience the inside scoop on what they need to know.

Legislation On Line Arizona, also known as LOLA, is an internet-based online bill tracking service.

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  1. I attempted to contact the Legislation on Line, using your email prompts; however the message was retuned “Undeliverable.” Who may I contact for more information?

  2. This “media” company is based in India, not the us. They have a “mixed” factual reporting rating and have failed countless fact checks. This could be why your emails are undeliverable.

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