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Make paid leave part of economic recovery

PAID LEAVE red Rubber Stamp over a white background.

This is an opportunity to support small businesses — to make it easier for people like me in Arizona and all over the country to start small businesses that thrive, and to make caring for our families possible, too. It’s win/win, and so no wonder 70% of small business owners support it. When something’s win/win, that’s where you put your money. Let’s get paid leave passed now.

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Arizona needs stronger tobacco regulation, reject HB2682


With increased tobacco use in recent years, including 1 in 6 youth in Arizona using e-cigarettes, it’s clear Arizona needs stronger tobacco regulation. We must regulate retailers and hold them accountable. We can’t let an industry with a track record of lying create its own rules. We respectfully urge lawmakers to demand better and reject HB2682.

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We all win with extension of investment program


The Legislature has the opportunity to do the right thing by recognizing the economic engine this program has been proven to be and voting to extend the angel investor tax credits for another 10 years. This is an investment in Arizona’s future, not only for the state’s startup community but also for taxpayers here and future generations of entrepreneurs.

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Water infrastructure an investment in healthy environment, economy

(Photo by Ellen O'Brien)

Addressing the critical needs of our water infrastructure does so much more than secure a sustainable water future. Investment will create critically important jobs; help improve our economy and assist disadvantaged communities by providing access to clean and reliable water supplies. Finally, these infrastructure projects will help us adjust to our changing climate and better protect the environment.

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Attacks on ballot initiatives are anti-democratic


Arizonans do not want to see ballot initiatives go away and we should not have to give up our constitutional protections to this right any time soon. Arizona representatives owe it to their constituents to vote no on SCR1024, SB1531 and HB2891 to save the people of Arizona’s constitutional right to democratic participation.

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Time to restore fairness in the App marketplace (access required)

Cell Phone with apps

As this issue heats up, Arizona’s congressional delegation should help ensure fairness for app developers of all sizes by addressing some of the more flagrant anti-competitive restrictions and regulations that Apple uses to maintain its dominance in the marketplace. Doing so would help spur innovation and drive growth across the tech sector.

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