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Candidates address what matters to Arizonans – education

Our hope for is that people see it for what it is, a project by a nonpartisan organization striving to show that even in this divisive moment we can all still come to a neutral, public place and share how we’ll work to make our children’s future a little brighter – which will ultimately improve the quality of life for all Arizonans. 

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Provide affordable housing for ‘missing middle’ (access required)

We urge every city council member to support housing in their communities that meets the needs of everyone and to provide updated, inclusionary, and practical zoning designations. We urge private sector developers to bring their attention to the missing middle and join Greenlight in providing this housing.   

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Arizona offers blueprint for parental empowerment (access required)

The reverberations are echoing across Arizona, and across the whole nation – the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office announced last week that teachers unions’ last-ditch effort to overturn the state’s landmark universal school choice reform has failed. Now, America can look to Arizona’s first-in-the-nation model of a groundbreaking, statewide expansion of school choice to any family that wants it.  

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State inaction kills young teen (access required)

foster youth, deaths, shootings, North Star Independent Living Services, Kentucky

Multiple people were shot at North Star Independent Living Services facility back in February of 2021. The frequent shootings and cold-blooded killings of these young men should serve as a clarion call for immediate investigation and reform.

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Investigate Ducey for sending refugees to D.C.

Audrey Ruiz, right, speaks with protestors at the Children Belong on Playgrounds, Not Cages rally on June 19, 2018, at the state Capitol. (Photo courtesy of NextGen Arizona), border, Ducey, Abbott, migrants, cages, border, DeSantis

Gov. Doug Ducey said he has spent millions of dollars on sending migrants to Washington, D.C., in recent months, with millions more dollars earmarked for it next fiscal year. While we do not know what taxpayer monies were used, we do know that the money would be far better used for humanitarian purposes.  

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