Arizona Capitol Times is the only newspaper in the state devoted to coverage of what’s going on at the Capitol. We have been covering Arizona’s government, politics and legislative news for business, industry, and politically savvy citizens throughout the state for more than 100 years! The Arizona Capitol Times reaches more than 5,250 readers per issue and is published every Friday. It is distributed by mail, via street racks and at selected shops and retail stores throughout the state.

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Our demographics

The Arizona Capitol Times is trusted:

  • 73% of readers consider the Capitol Times editorially neutral
  • 70% do business with firms that advertise in the Capitol Times

Arizona Capitol Times readers are loyal subscribers:

  • 38 minutes: Average time spent reading the paper.
  • 3: Average readers per copy of the Arizona Capitol Times
  • 76% of readers keep copies a week or longer.

Arizona Capitol Times readers are affluent:

  • $214,100 is the median household income.
  • $835,000 is the median net worth.
  • $403,200 is the median home value.

Arizona Capitol Times readers are influential opinion leaders:

  • 35% are business owners/presidents or elected officials.
  • 37% are in upper management.

Arizona Capitol Times readers are active:

  • 88% dine out for lunch 10 or more times in one month.
  • 90% dine out for dinner 7 or more times in one month.
  • 57% have visited a museum, art gallery or the Zoo in the past month.
  • 52% have attended a play or musical (including the symphony, opera & ballet) in the past month.

Arizona Capitol Times are well educated, mature and diverse:

  • 87% hold college degrees
  • 45% hold post-graduate degrees
  • 58% are male
  • 42% are female
  • 68% are between ages 35 and 65
  • 82% are married
  • 71% live in the Phoenix area
  • 12% live in Tucson

Arizona Capitol Times readers are responsible for purchase of the following services:

  • Travel arrangements or accommodations
  • Computer equipment, services and software
  • Operating supplies, office machines and office furniture
  • Internet, Web design services, telephone systems and services
  • Banking services
  • And Much More

Arizona Capitol Times readers seek out our special sections:

  • 82% State of the State
  • 77% Session Wrap
  • 74% Year in Review
  • 68% Best of the Capitol
  • 50% Transportation/Energy
  • 47% Education
  • 47% Environment
  • 43% Women in Public Policy

Arizona Capitol Times

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Online Advertising
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Based on a reader survey conducted by Behavior Research Center, Inc., a Phoenix-based independent research firm.

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  1. Hello. Please forgive my propensity to be straightforward, but I am moving with my wife to Phoenix this coming summer. I noticed that there are no advertisements whatsoever on your AZ Marketplace. Is there are reason for this? Thanks

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