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State inaction kills young teen (access required)

foster youth, deaths, shootings, North Star Independent Living Services, Kentucky

Multiple people were shot at North Star Independent Living Services facility back in February of 2021. The frequent shootings and cold-blooded killings of these young men should serve as a clarion call for immediate investigation and reform.

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Investigate Ducey for sending refugees to D.C.

Audrey Ruiz, right, speaks with protestors at the Children Belong on Playgrounds, Not Cages rally on June 19, 2018, at the state Capitol. (Photo courtesy of NextGen Arizona), border, Ducey, Abbott, migrants, cages, border, DeSantis

Gov. Doug Ducey said he has spent millions of dollars on sending migrants to Washington, D.C., in recent months, with millions more dollars earmarked for it next fiscal year. While we do not know what taxpayer monies were used, we do know that the money would be far better used for humanitarian purposes.  

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Arizona must develop new water supplies now

Arizona is at a crossroads. Nearly 40% of Arizona’s annual water uses are supplied by the Colorado River. However, the outlook for Colorado River water availability – and Arizona’s junior allocation, in particular – is deeply concerning. 

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Water and business as usual at the Legislature

(Photo by Ellen O'Brien)

Without some real changes in the law to better limit ground and surface water pumping and diversions and to sustain ecological flows in our waters, we cannot establish a sustainable water framework. None of this was addressed in the bill or elsewhere during the legislative session. This water bill is not a new page, but a page in a book we have read many times and written by those who have given us unsustainable policies, a page that will keep Arizona on track to confront another water crisis sooner rather than later. 

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Alaska’s ranked-choice primary could work here

Instant run-off elections also have a positive affect on the way campaigns are run. Going forward, Congresswoman Pertola is accountable to all Alaskans, not just a small number of partisans (as is too often the case in Arizona). This means she must address the concerns of a broad spectrum of Alaskans as she governs.  

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