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Small business economy needs immigration reform

New businesses are the drivers of job growth and we are fortunate that Arizona is home to more than 70,000 immigrant entrepreneurs. The household income of our state’s undocumented immigrants is $5.1 billion per year. They pay $556.5 million in taxes and have a spending power of $4.5 billion annually. The bottom line is that Arizona is stronger when we are inclusive and welcoming to all people.  

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Potentially devastating school budget cuts

Many people may not be aware of an impending education funding crisis that threatens to cripple public schools across Arizona. There is a state process known as the aggregate spending limit, which is part of the state budget. The Arizona Constitution established the aggregate ...

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We need a statewide renewable energy plan

It is also imperative that Arizona has a comprehensive statewide plan for other impacts of the changing energy landscape. That means developing a coordinated approach on issues like electric vehicle infrastructure and energy storage to ensure that rural Arizona has a seat at the table and that new technologies can be rapidly adopted by consumers and utilities alike.     

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ACA premiums lowest in history thanks to Kelly, Sinema

Members of the United State Senate have an assortment of issues with which to deal and each senator must choose from among many competing issues. Kudos to our two senators for voting to assure passage of the American Rescue Plan and a special thanks to Senator Kelly for his leadership on key health care priorities.

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Arizona’s do-it-yourself justice system

With the top court’s blessing, state lawmakers stacked the deck against defendants with harsh, mandatory minimum sentences for conviction of drug- related and many other crimes. These laws tie the hands of judges but give prosecutors the power to threaten to indict a defendant for additional, related crimes in order to get a guilty plea.

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On immigration, listen to civil rights icons

As an immigrant who happily came to the United States, "waiting in the immigration line" to become a citizen, I was disheartened to see President Biden propose a "comprehensive" immigration reform offering amnesty to over 10 million people here illegally.

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We need smarter, sustainable water stewards

At EPCOR, innovating and working collaboratively has been our history and it will be our future. Let’s work together on water policy to promote environmental stewardship, protect our groundwater supply and allow for responsible growth in our communities. 

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