cosmetology, Hobbs, Hendrix
Apr 12, 2023

Bill to lower cost, time needed to become cosmetologist shows good bipartisanship

HB2525, sponsored by Rep. Laurin Hendrix, R-Gilbert, and signed by Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs, creates an alternative pathway via apprenticeship programs, which provide a debt-free alternative to traditional beauty school by allowing students to learn on the job while earning a wage.

affordable housing, Goldwater Institute, zoning
Apr 10, 2023

To solve AZ’s affordable housing crisis, start by getting government out of way

Arizona is facing a housing affordability crisis—and the blame lies largely on the shoulders of local elected officials.

nurses, Medicare Advantage,
Apr 10, 2023

AZ Nurses urge Biden to protect Medicare Advantage, reject cuts

The Arizona Nurses Association, as our state’s oldest and largest nursing organization, now feels compelled to speak out against a Biden administration proposal to cut billions of dollars from Medicare Advantage in the coming year.

solar energy, Arizona, Solar United Neighbors, Inflation Reduction Act
Apr 7, 2023

Inflation Reduction Act investments paying off

Arizonans are enjoying our famously perfect spring weather, and new federal clean energy investments are already on their way to Arizona pockets.

wind, solar, Fennemore, Inflation Reduction Act, Hobbs, governor, clean energy,
Apr 7, 2023

Tax credits, incentives available to Arizona businesses 

The Office of the Governor has not said when the Office of Resiliency will open, but if established in time, it may help even more Arizonans receive tax credits under the IRA. 

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Apr 6, 2023

Housing reform bipartisan across country, can be in Arizona

We are at a crossroads with our housing crisis in Arizona. We can either take action to mitigate the crisis or we can continue with status quo. For us, the answer is clear. This is not a question of politics or partisanship. This is about helping human beings achieve their dreams and improve their daily lives. It’s about fairness and acting with grace. We need reform – and we need it now.

Apr 3, 2023

When it’s working for students, let it work

At a time of urgent need for educational advancement, Arizona’s powerful student-based policies empower families and educators to take actions that create better futures for our children and for that state. We should follow their lead.

Pledge of Allegiance, schools, classrooms, House, Parker, Pawlik
Mar 31, 2023

Children cannot be required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Neither the Pledge of Allegiance nor the saying “under God” had any connection with the founding of the nation. Trying to force students to say it is a violation of our founding principles.

tax cuts, Colorado, Arizona,
Mar 31, 2023

Colorado legislators warn AZ leaders about harmful tax cut proposal

As Arizona legislators consider SCR1035, which would impose tax and spending limitations similar to those in Colorado, it’s worth looking at the consequences and taking from the lived experience of hardworking Coloradans who have a rigid state budget dreamed up by politicians over 30 years ago.

disabilities, Greater Phoenix Chamber, Ability360
Mar 31, 2023

Inclusion for individuals with developmental disabilities 

March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month. During this time, we recognize individuals with developmental disabilities and raise awareness around the challenges they face, while also promoting inclusivity, education and advocacy. 

crime victims, survivors, House bill
Mar 30, 2023

In Arizona, safer communities begin with healing crime victims

This year, Arizona can take critical action to fix this by funding our first Trauma Recovery Center through HB 2612 and improving access to our victim compensation fund.

soot pollution
Mar 29, 2023

To advance environmental justice, Arizonans need strong soot pollution standard

Thankfully, President Biden and his administration have the authority they need to protect our communities from dangerous soot pollution.