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Leaders should protect a community’s right to fight climate change


One item that disturbed me is to learn about a bill moving at the capitol that seems to prioritize a deal for utility companies at the cost of community and local governments. As a deacon and regular voter, I vote for people at different levels of government to represent me. I feel that local issues should be decided by local governments, such as ensuring cities should have their own choices about how to power homes and other buildings.

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Fast-tracked bills a danger to local authority

Rolled newspaper with the headline Changes in legislation

A foundational principle of Arizona governments is home rule. Communities must have a right to determine how they want to proceed with the services utilities provide, whether that service is gas, electricity, Internet, water, telephone, or anything else. Just because one utility is afraid of what’s happening in California doesn’t mean Arizonans need to give our rights away. Let the cities and counties decide what’s best for them. It’s just that simple.

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Arizona’s Parole Merry-go-Round


In practice this requires that states “Fundamentally change the purpose of supervision from punishing failure to promoting success. The goal should be to help people repair the harm they have caused and become self-sufficient, law-abiding citizens, rather than simply enforcing rules set by courts and parole boards, catching violators and imposing penalties, including incarceration.”

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Student success is about teachers, not the state’s English policy

A sign that reads “We are all English Language Learners” hangs on the wall in a classroom at Rhodes Junior High School. (Kelsey Mo/Cronkite News)

Our policy leaders should regulate school programs with the same ‘light hand’ that they believe in regulating everything else, including themselves. Simply put, Arizona’s citizens know that our teachers need to be supported and basic principles of fairness should apply to all of us. Children should not be forced to learn English through structured state-mandated English policy.

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