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How we proceed on justice innovation matters

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There is room for continuous improvement and a better criminal justice system. Prosecutors often lead the way. But let us take our cues from our own history, facts and experiences. And from the testimony of our own people. And from our own blessed landscapes. We have more than enough resources to get us where we need to go on the journey of innovation in criminal justice.

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Teens hear all the wrong messages on Marijuana


Marijuana is a dangerous, mind-altering drug. In today’s highly potent forms, it poses risks to adults and children, but the risks are far greater for teens. Let’s no longer let the pot profiteers fill our children’s brains with dangerous messages. It’s time to make sure the truth is told, so the next youth survey doesn’t give us even more to be alarmed about.

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Teachers need to watch out for anti-school Legislation


The handy defeat of Proposition 305 and the election of Kathy Hoffman as superintendent of public instruction should spell out the electorate’s support for teachers, students, and well-funded public education. It should make obvious that a wide consensus exists in Arizona for increasing revenues for public education — which our legislature funds at abysmal levels, putting us at 48th in the nation — and that realizing those increases ought to be high on the agenda for the new Legislature.

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School choice celebrates diversity of thought, talent, perspectives


Today’s kids, educated in different kinds of schools — with or without uniforms, religion, second languages, music, or whatever else — will bring to tomorrow’s positions of leadership not monotony or sameness but a deeply diverse and crucially varied set of experiences. What better way to promote that diversity than to celebrate National School Choice Week — and the diversity of education it inspires?

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