energy costs, gas costs, Congress, Lesko, Biden
Apr 25, 2023

Stop Biden Administration’s failed agenda, pass Lower Energy Costs Act

In keeping with our Commitment to America, U.S. House Republicans recently passed H.R 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, which garnered bipartisan support. Designating the Lower Energy Costs Act as H.R. 1 signals that House Republicans’ number one priority is reducing the cost of gasoline and energy for American families.

franchises, Julie Su, Biden, Secretary of Labor, FAST Act, California, Arizona, small businesses
Apr 24, 2023

Biden labor nominee Julie Su is every business owner’s nightmare

The Senate needs to confirm a Secretary of Labor that gives us that stability, not Julie Su.

affordable housing, multifamily homes, tents, downtown, homeless, zoning
Apr 21, 2023

Arizona housing affordability reform is about to have its moment

Sometimes a political logjam that hasn’t budged for years suddenly bursts open. Change that seemed impossible suddenly seems inevitable. On the issue of housing costs, that time is upon us.

crime victims, families, law, Victims Bill of Rights, Steven Logan, judge, Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice
Apr 21, 2023

Arizona Legislature shows public safety is bipartisan

Last week legislators in Arizona demonstrated that bipartisan leadership on criminal justice can produce strong, outcomes-oriented policies that make everyone safer.

pollution, American Lung Association, soot, smog
Apr 21, 2023

Arizona fails again – we need healthier, cleaner air

Arizona needs a fresh direction for cleaner, healthier air.

guns, House, Senate, parents, schools, Hobbs, veto, Marine Corps
Apr 21, 2023

We need to strengthen gun training requirements

I’m glad to hear that Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed the Legislature’s recent bad firearms bills that would have allowed parents to carry guns on school campuses and required schools to spread NRA propaganda to children.

corruption, stock trading, Congress, Arizona Corporation Commission
Apr 21, 2023

Putting a stop to corruption in Congress 

I’m proud to recognize our own U.S. Rep. Juan Ciscomani, who understands the commitment to good governance. Recently Rep. Ciscomani signed on to the TRUST in Congress Act, which would ban stock trading among members of Congress.  

vote, voters, elections, task force, Hobbs, Purcell
Apr 21, 2023

Arizona elections work, but they can be better

Arizona elections are free, fair, and secure — and that’s not a coincidence.

sustainability, Center for the Future of Arizona, environment
Apr 21, 2023

Voters agree sustainability is key to our future 

As we celebrate Earth Month, Arizona enjoys — despite an era of perceived partisan division across the country — remarkable consensus about the need to prioritize the environment and create a sustainable future.

church, sexual abuse, court, LDS church
Apr 17, 2023

Court protects church that shielded abuser, who’s protecting children?

Justice for children is hard to find. The LDS church shielded a sexual abuser for a decade in Cochise County.

school choice, Hobbs, Ducey, Empowerment Scholarship Program, K-12, students
Apr 14, 2023

Arizona can still be the leader in school choice

Now is the time for Arizona, my home state, to continue its role as the leader in the movement to provide increased educational opportunities for its students.

charcuterie, legislation, Hobbs,
Apr 13, 2023

Let home-based food businesses grow

The power of food to bring people together is something Arizona can use. HB2509, which has been approved by lawmakers and is now on Gov. Katie Hobbs' desk, can help.