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Gas generation will keep the lights on

As a former Mayor of Chandler and a commissioner of the Arizona Corporation Commission, I know first-hand the importance of reliable and affordable power and I am becoming increasingly concerned that Arizona will not have reliable electricity in the near future. 

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Arts commission asks for modest $5M appropriation

We know that the recognition of this value is the reason the Legislature and Governor just reauthorized the Commission on the Arts. And we are just as certain that they will recognize the tremendous return on this investment when they approve a $5 million ongoing appropriation in the budget being adopted soon.

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Arizona passes policies Congress should mimic

It’s clear the current tax-and-spend agenda coming out of Washington isn’t working. Federal lawmakers should avoid doubling down and instead look to Arizona for inspiration. Slowing down the money printing press and voting to make the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent before it expires would be two big steps forward.    

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The real cost of environmental lawsuits

The irony of it is that none of these actions negate the need for mined materials. It just shifts the source to somewhere else. Depending on where it comes from, that can come with questions about environmental impacts and human rights. And even when it doesn’t, offshoring means shipping long distances and that comes with an impact. 

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Congress can’t let drug firms price-gouge

Looking back on my life, it’s hard to believe I’d experience a period of homelessness and later live paycheck to paycheck due to medical conditions out of my control. But the reality in America is that we are all one diagnosis away from financial ruin.

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AZ taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief

This would be a win for Arizona taxpayers and small businesses under any circumstance, never mind during this period of unprecedented inflation. This decision provides relief for every Arizonan who finds themselves spending more than ever before to fill up their cars, put food on the table, and shelter and clothe their families – and yes, that’s every Arizonan.

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