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10 percent pay raise would end DPS turnover, improve public safety

Blue and red police roof bar lights

On those dark nights patrolling rural areas of this state, troopers often find themselves far from any backup. That’s in large part because of the considerable amount of vacancies among our ranks. Increasing pay will help the department attract more and better qualified recruits. More troopers on the road helps ensure better public safety – for our fellow troopers and the citizens we are sworn to protect.

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New legislation would place prisoners on path to success

Prison Fence

All across the country, at all levels of government, Americans are changing the way they think about the criminal justice system. Just this month, President Trump launched his first official campaign ad during the Super Bowl, and chose to focus his message on criminal justice reform. That he chose to run his first major ad, which reached over 100 million viewers, on criminal justice reform shows just how popular this issue has become.

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Arizona should be next state to rein in step-therapy


When a patient goes to their personal doctor because they are experiencing a significant health struggle, they do so with the trust that their doctor will recommend a treatment based on a specific understanding of the unique complexities of their condition. All too frequently, however, the treatment agreed between patient and doctor is being delayed if not wholly pre-empted by a process imposed by insurance companies known as “step therapy.”

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The case for U.S. leadership on advanced coal technology (access required)


While it can feel like the world is in the midst of an energy transition—where one source of energy is replaced by another—that’s not what’s happening. Instead of transition, we’re in a period of addition. The growing use of wind and solar power is actually coming on top of increased consumption of coal, natural gas, and oil.

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Fast-tracked bills a danger to local authority

Rolled newspaper with the headline Changes in legislation

A foundational principle of Arizona governments is home rule. Communities must have a right to determine how they want to proceed with the services utilities provide, whether that service is gas, electricity, Internet, water, telephone, or anything else. Just because one utility is afraid of what’s happening in California doesn’t mean Arizonans need to give our rights away. Let the cities and counties decide what’s best for them. It’s just that simple.

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