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Letters to the Editor

Faith will save our country

Do you believe that “things happen for a reason”? I have believed this my whole adult life. Sometimes the outcome makes us sad but then turns out to be a blessing in disguise. I do believe God allows bad and ...

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Help make Arizona better for all

The people who most directly impact daily life in Arizona are meeting again. The Arizona Legislature has started their 2022 session. Republicans have a razor-thin one vote majority in both chambers and have used this to control what bills are ...

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The right against the right

VOTERS, this is NOT the time to ignore proposed Arizona legislation. Many of the bills your elected officials are bringing up in the next session of the Arizona Congress have NO merit and DO NOTHING to benefit your family. They ...

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Why the right is so wrong

When a political party that touted family values turns a blind eye to truth and goodness, the reality is not only sad, but terrifying. With a wink and a nod, the Republican Party of the past several years has allowed ...

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Congress needs to focus on the real issues

I hope lawmakers will reject being distracted by any legislation or initiatives that will take their attention away from the most pressing issues facing communities today. When lawmakers make their way back to Washington after this recess, we hope they will hit the ground running and focus on what is important. 

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