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Why the right is so wrong

When a political party that touted family values turns a blind eye to truth and goodness, the reality is not only sad, but terrifying. With a wink and a nod, the Republican Party of the past several years has allowed hate groups to metastasize and spread their vitriol. The minority party refuses en masse to work across party lines for the betterment of all citizens, and these elected members of Congress continue to promote misinformation and conspiracy theories at a rapid pace. 

What is happening to our beautiful country is a travesty.  NO one serving in our government seems to be able to reason with or stop this insanity.  The Democrats in office must find a way to curtail Republicans from changing the course of history. If no amicable solution is found, our democracy will fall, our voting rights will vanish, our education system will be in the hands radical groups, our environment will collapse, our health care will be diminished because of those who don’t believe in science, and all our hopes and dreams will fade.  It is time Democrats complete a Hail Mary and cripple the Republican game plan. 


Joanie Rose 


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