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Solar industry needs swift decision on looming tariffs

While this threat has been damaging in the short term, there is hope that the Biden administration will do the right thing and support a decision that fosters continued growth in the solar industry. The solar industry needs a negative determination on the Commerce Department’s investigation to consider tariffs as soon as possible to regain certainty in the market.

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How short-term rentals ruin everything

Arizona’s current policy of prohibiting regulations for STRs and “anything goes” is ruining neighborhoods, housing, jobs and taxes for residents.  STRs can be a benefit to hosts, guests and the community, but it requires a thoughtful, comprehensive, enforceable framework to make it work for everyone.  

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Let’s modernize education spending limits

The future Arizona workforce will be educated in our neighborhood classrooms, fostered by our community colleges and higher education partners, and trained by technical experts at our CTED campuses. As business and community leaders, we are calling on the Legislature and governor to modernize the outdated education expenditure limits and invest in programs that will provide the skilled workforce that our companies need. 

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Gas generation will keep the lights on

As a former Mayor of Chandler and a commissioner of the Arizona Corporation Commission, I know first-hand the importance of reliable and affordable power and I am becoming increasingly concerned that Arizona will not have reliable electricity in the near future. 

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