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Time to move on

Dear Editor:  

Finally, the Arizona Audit which was commonly called the Arizona Fraudit has come to conclusion. 

Yes, Joe Biden did win more votes than Donald Trump in the state of Arizona.  This revelation is no surprise to Arizona voters who can boast of having one of the safest, most reliable, and honest voting systems in the country. Adrian Fontes, Maricopa County Recorder in 2020, worked tirelessly to make certain the election results were accurate and secure.   Sadly, millions are still consumed and truly believe Trump’s dishonest rhetoric which continues to consume the media almost daily.  

Instead of voters gravitating to individuals who promote conspiracy theories and falsehoods, their time would be better spent supporting candidates who truly care about people over party.  Fear mongering and erroneous allegations should be replaced by caring officials who pride themselves on facts and the truth. 

It is imperative we focus on maintaining our DEMOCRACY and the RIGHT TO VOTE.  In addition, there are numerous important topics that need immediate attention and should not be ignored.  Education, immigration, water quality, jobs, and environmental concern should be a top priority. 

Joannie Rose  


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