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The right against the right

VOTERS, this is NOT the time to ignore proposed Arizona legislation. Many of the bills your elected officials are bringing up in the next session of the Arizona Congress have NO merit and DO NOTHING to benefit your family. They are outrageous and extreme. Please review the bills (not all are listed) and contact any media outlet you prefer. Voicing your concern is important. HB2112 would ban any discussion in school on controversial subjects without giving “equal weight” to both sides. 

Are there two sides to slavery, destroying the indigenous population or incarcerating the Japanese here in the U.S.? 

(Note, CRT is NOT part of any Arizona curriculum). SB1015 violates Federal laws protecting reproductive confidentiality of minors. Our legislature should not be allowed to interfere with this existing law. Bill HB2043 fines any employer $500,000 for denying a religious exemption to anyone who refuses to be vaccinated against Covid 19. The life employers want to save may be yours.  SB1123 would allow concealed guns on college campuses. Isn’t their enough violence without adding this preposterous bill? Your silence should be not an option!


Joanie Rose


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