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Influx of Californians threatens to alter Arizona

Dear Editor:  

I took political science in college a full year before I was old enough to vote. As I became more politically curious my views leaned toward conservative. To understand the current political climate, I began to ask myself, as impartially as I could muster, why? 

 I believe that a fundamental divergence in the role of government has altered how people view their relationship with the government. I am by no means a federalist; I am of the belief that the center of power should be closer to home at the state level. Why? Lets look at one aspect of government, infrastructure. Arizona can complete a 6-lane freeway for $4million to $6 million per mile (rural) $8 million to $10 million per mile (urban), while in California it’s $8 million to $9 million (rural) and $11 million to $14 million (urban).  

The power of the state is often overshadowed by national politics. Apathy has led us to shift purple. For this Arizonan, that is disconcerting. The influx of economic refugees from California is having an impact on the housing market as well. Those moving from California can out bid those who have been long time residents. It’s time I stood my ground and said “no more!” I will no longer be afraid to voice my beliefs, my values, or my opinions any longer. My main political aim, to combat those who hero worship the author of Rules For Radicals, Saul Alinski,, and drive a wedge in the liberals’ coalition of causes. One consequence of this shift to purple is my elevated interest in state and local politics. I’m even considering running for city council in the next election. I see it as my duty to challenge those who would attempt to alter the conditions that made my beloved Arizona a place worth living.  

Daniel J. Reaney Jr.  


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