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Let’s look into Sen. Fann’s complicity to prolong no-win situation

Dear Editor:

Reporting in Arizona newspapers over the last couple of days documents many instances where Arizona Senate President Karen Fann’s poor judgment and lack of leadership saddled taxpayers with an unqualified ballot counting and audit company instead of the one U.S. company with the professional tools to do the job.  

Too many taxpayer dollars – over $425,000, according to recent reporting from the Arizona Republic – and months of time have been squandered on Cyber Ninjas, a company whose principals lack principle, and which possesses neither the expertise, experience, nor tools to produce verifiable and credible results.  

Was Karen Fann duped by strong-arm politicians intent on hammering home  The Big Lie? Or has she been deliberately deceptive in knowingly hiring a company with partisan interests and then covering up the facts? It’s time we dig deeper for the truth, not just about the ballots and the audit, but about Karen Fann’s complicity in prolonging a no-win situation. 

Brandy Reese 


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