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The Gold Standard: Barry Goldwater’s 30-year U.S. Senate career made him an icon in Arizona politics

Barry Goldwater was born three years before Arizona became a state. Who could have imagined that this toddler would become the man most associated with the Grand Canyon State? A five-term U.S. senator and the Republican presidential candidate in 1964, he epitomized the ruggedness of the Wild West and loved the state, with its magnificent vistas, as much as anyone possibly could.

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Barr & Giss: Practicing the fine art of legislative legerdemain

Burton Barr, who was memorialized when his name was given to the Phoenix Central Library, wrote the book on political wheeling and dealing in the Arizona Legislature.

But, even before Barr burst onto the Capitol scene in 1964, Harold Giss was pulling the legislative strings. Both were pragmatic practitioners of lawmaking.

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Babbitt & Bolin: Linked by the length of their terms

Democrats Bruce Babbitt and Wes Bolin represent the long and short of Arizona’s gubernatorial reigns.

Bolin, born Harvey Wesley Bolin in 1908, set a longevity record as Arizona secretary of state, serving almost 29 years, from 1949 to 1977. And when Raul Castro resigned as governor on Oct. 20, 1977, to become U.S. ambassador to Argentina, Bolin moved up to the Governor’s Office.

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