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If the election were held today, who among these candidates would you vote for in the race for the U.S. Senate?

  • Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain (57%, 1,328 Votes)
  • Republican state Sen. Kelli Ward (33%, 766 Votes)
  • Democratic U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (10%, 216 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,310

Start Date: July 14, 2015 , 10:29 am @ 10:29 am
End Date: No Expiry

Should the U.S. Supreme Court return authority to draw Arizona’s congressional districts to the state Legislature?

  • No, the people of Arizona gave this power to the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission. (71%, 277 Votes)
  • Yes, the U.S. Constitution gives this power to the Legislature. (29%, 114 Votes)

Total Voters: 391

Start Date: June 15, 2015 , 10:49 am @ 10:49 am
End Date: No Expiry

What do you think would be the result of a race for a U.S. Senate seat between GOP Sen. John McCain and Dem. U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick?

  • McCain wins by double digits (40%, 166 Votes)
  • Kirkpatrick narrowly defeats McCain (27%, 113 Votes)
  • McCain narrowly defeats Kirkpatrick (15%, 64 Votes)
  • There will be no matchup because state Sen. Kelli Ward will defeat McCain in the Republican primary. (15%, 61 Votes)
  • Kirkpatrick wins by double digits (3%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 415

Start Date: May 26, 2015 , 4:44 pm @ 4:44 pm
End Date: No Expiry

What do you think Gov. Doug Ducey is most likely to do during the next eight years?

  • Serve two full terms. (33%, 165 Votes)
  • Run for a national office while still governor of Arizona. (26%, 128 Votes)
  • Serve one full term as governor and then return to private enterprise. (21%, 107 Votes)
  • Resign to take a cabinet post with a Republican president. (20%, 101 Votes)

Total Voters: 501

Start Date: April 24, 2015 , 1:55 pm @ 1:55 pm
End Date: No Expiry

What should be done with Arizona's Common Core educational standards?

  • Leave them as they are. (37%, 265 Votes)
  • Review them and revise as necessary. (32%, 227 Votes)
  • Replace them entirely with something new. (31%, 215 Votes)

Total Voters: 707

Start Date: March 23, 2015 , 2:33 pm @ 2:33 pm
End Date: No Expiry

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