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Pierce to Brewer; Brewer to Dems

Reached by phone, Sen. Steve Pierce reiterated to our reporter today his position that Gov. Jan Brewer should sign the budget that’s on her desk. “I’ve given her my word I would continue to work towards it [the sales tax referral], and in the meantime, she should sign the budget that’s there and let the state operate like it should,” Pierce said. Like most of his colleagues, he said he is adamant that the equalization tax be repealed. “They [Democrats] want it to come back so they can spend it. It shouldn’t,” he said. “I think it should be repealed. And the Democrats, if that is their key issue, we are never going to get a referral.”

Despite the insistence of many Dems that the state shouldn’t repeal the equalization property tax, Brewer is hopeful they will support the GOP priority as five-party budget talks continue. “That [repeal of the] property tax is in the bill, and if we can move forward and we can get a budget out and I get my referral, then that would be included,” Brewer said yesterday (Aug. 26) following an appearance at Moon Mountain Elementary School in North Phoenix. She also held out little hope that income tax cuts – also a plank in her five-point plan – would find their way back into the budget after failing in the Senate. “In actuality, that really has not been on the table since we’ve been discussing and negotiating. So I don’t know if that’s going to come forward or not,” Brewer said.

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