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Maybe the McSally shirt set him off (access required)

Michael Ward — husband of former state senator Kelli Ward, who lost two GOP primary campaigns for US Senate and is currently seeking AZGOP chair — was cited for assault at an election night party after he spit in the face of one of his wife’s former campaign volunteers at the AZ GOP Election night watch party.

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Ducey to feds: We got this (access required)

In his address at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry luncheon today, Ducey said his top priority this session is adopting the Drought Contingency Plan, and he made it clear today that missing the Jan. 31 deadline imposed by federal officials from the Bureau of Land Management is not an option.

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$5 million here, $5 million there (access required)

In addition to the $30 million Ducey pledged to help the state’s water users carry out Arizona’s Drought Contingency Plan, the governor has promised an additional $5 million for Pinal County farmers to develop groundwater infrastructure, according to the Phoenix New Times’ Elizabeth Whitman.

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