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Dems hit Pearce over e-mail on immigrant law

House and Senate Dems got their hands on an email they said backs their claim that the motivation behind the state’s new anti-illegal immigration bill is racism. The email, sent Wednesday night by Missouri attorney Kris Kobach to Pearce, advised the Mesa Republican to give police the ability to initiate immigration-related contacts with people who violate “any county or municipal ordinance.”



  2. When I review legislation, I read the actual legislation. The motivations of the sponsors of SB1070 are not my primary concern. Ultimately, does this law stand on its own. I find that in the face of minimal federal enforcement of pre-existing laws, S1070 is an effective response to our state’s current immigration issues.

    Coupled with immigration reform and incresed border inforcement, S1070 will be a useful tool in moving forward. Guest worker programs should be revisited and used as an avenue to legitimize those who want to work and follow the law here in the US.

  3. that statement doesn’t make it racial, where do these guys come up with this stuff

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