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American Traffic Solutions leaving ALEC, joining APS

In this November 2011 file photo, protestors wave homemade signs outside of the American Legislative Exchange Council summit in Phoenix. (Photo by Ryan Cook/RJ Cook Photography)

American Traffic Solutions will be the next Arizona to company to cut its ties the American Legislative Exchange Council.

ATS spokesman Charles Territo told the Arizona Capitol Times today that the company will not renew its ALEC membership, which expires in June. Territo said the decision was not based on a public relations blitz against the conservative legislators’ group by liberal advocacy groups or the resulting negative press coverage the group has received.

“Our decision was based on how best to allocate our resources,” Territo said in an email today.

Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest power company, said on Thursday that it would not renew its ALEC membership, a decision an APS lobbyist said was due to cost-cutting measures, not politics.

ALEC has lost numerous corporate members in recent months, including Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, McDonald’s and PepsiCo.


  1. NO Abu Ghraib in Arizona!

    We will NOT vote for any legislators who supported ALEC. We will not spend our $$’s with ANY ALEC corporate member. We will be selling sell our stocks in ALEC corporations unless they drop out.

    We will NOT stand by and watch the destruction of America’s its people and its way of life. If corporations are “people”, where is their conscience — their patriotism of building a better America rather then watch it decline? The mass incarceration of Arizona’s and America’s people making the U.S. #1 Jailer in the world is shameful. ALEC has altered America — “land of the free” which has become a myth.

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