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AZGOP to Boehner: you betrayed us

On Tuesday, Morrissey used the bully pulpit afforded to state party chairs to defend Schweikert after the congressman was removed from the prized Financial Services Committee amid allegations that the move was retribution for his being “too conservative” for US House GOP leadership.

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  1. I thought he was removed because he voted for Obama’s payroll tax cut, extension of the 99-week Unemployment Insurance, and expanded earned income tax credit. That vote of Republicans caving in to Obama before the election, gave Obama the only tax cut he wants. It’s socialism.

  2. Boehner did the right thing. The people of Arizona have been betrayed by the AZ GOP leaders for years, usurping their money and assets, taking away individuals’ rights, destroying families and communities, so this is just sending a strong message to AZ GOP.

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