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Rep. Lisa Otondo, D-Yuma

Rep. Lisa Otondo, D-Yuma

Name: Lisa Otondo

Chamber: House of Representatives

Party: Democrat

Profession: Realtor, former school teacher

Hometown: Yuma

Legislative District: No. 4, which stretches from southern Yuma County into southern Maricopa County and western Pima County.

Committee Assignments: Education; Technology and Infrastructure.

Previous or Current Elected Offices: None

Highlights of Community Involvement: Organized and implemented a nonprofit English language program for refugees in the Washington, D.C., area.

Why She Ran: “I was really discouraged with what was happening with funding for public education … I really believe that the area I come from, Yuma, is moderate-thinking and I think we need more moderate thinking.”

Her Focus: “Education and collaboration with business so we can prepare our students for the future, jobs and the economy.”

Bills: Co-sponsor of HB 2194, which would make school administrators liable for failing to follow up on instances of bullying and would require schools add policies and procedures to prevent bullying based on sexual orientation.

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