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Rep. Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City

Rep. Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City

Name: Sonny Borrelli

Chamber: House

Party: Republican

Profession: Small business owner; 22 years in U.S. Marine Corps, retiring as a gunnery sergeant.

Hometown: Lake Havasu City

Legislative District: No. 5, which stretches along the Colorado River from northern Yuma County through La Paz County and Mohave County.

Committee Assignments: Government; Public Safety, Military and Regulatory Affairs; Transportation (Vice-Chair)

Previous or Current Elected Offices: Lake Havasu City Council member from 2010-2012.

Highlights of Community Involvement: American Legion, VFW and Lake Havasu City Council.

Why He Ran: Borrelli said he decided to stop complaining about issues and get involved with government to try to fix problems. “I’m mission-oriented, and it’s always an honor to serve. And when people forget that, I think they’re in the wrong business.”

His Focus: Borrelli said he will be work across party lines with veterans in the House and the Senate to address veterans issues. “Because we came from that world. We’ve already made that transition, so we know where the speed bumps are at and obstacles are at. So let’s see where we can circumvent the obstacles, plow out the speed bumps and help folks make that speedy transition.”

Bills:  HB 2076 would allow certain military licenses to transfer to civilian licenses without requiring skills tests.


  1. I am looking for some pictures from the 1989 Military Finals Rodeo in San Antonio, Texas. My Husband rode bulls in that rodeo and I am trying to find any photos of him. He still has the Rule Book from that rodeo and Mr. Borrelli actually signed it. If you could please give me some help locating any one who took pictures of that rodeo I would be honored by the help. My husbands name is Eric A Atkinson. Thank you for your time. Sandra

  2. Sonny, I was informed by Shari Farrington on my HOA issue and she is the procedures to how to get my House Representative to create a House Bill for HOA Board Term Limits. Shari, suggested me to call my House Representative and my State Senator to create this bill.

    As you know from our conversations, our homeowners are in need for this to be done. My email: bpape63137@aol.com

  3. Sonny,
    There’s a sentence in there that was to be erased but, it looks like it was not.
    Instead of “and she is the procedures to how to get my House Representatives to create a House Bill for HOA Board Term Limits.
    “Shari informed me what to do.”

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