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Anti-abortion bill would permit unannounced inspections of clinics


Rep. Debbie Lesko (File photo)

A Peoria lawmaker has introduced an anti-abortion bill that would allow health inspectors to examine clinics unannounced.  The bill also would make it a crime to circumvent the state’s parental consent law.

The bill, HB2284, introduced Thursday by Rep. Debbie Lesko, also requires abortion clinics to report whether an infant survived a procedure and what steps doctors took to save it.

The health inspector provision failed at the end of the 2013 session to get a vote on the House floor. Inspectors currently have to either act on a complaint or get an administrative search warrant to make an unannounced inspection.

Josh Kredit, legal counsel for Center for Arizona Policy, the group that is behind last year’s and this year’s bill, said the provision related to parental consent is to keep predators, boyfriends or anyone else from trying to get around the law. The possible penalty for breaking the law is up to six months in jail, a $2,500 fine or both.

Arizona already requires either notarized parental consent or a court order for a minor to get an abortion.

Under the proposed law, clinics would be required to say to say whether the fetus was born alive during or immediately after an attempted abortion and what life-saving steps were taken. Kredit said that requirement is inspired by the secret video shot by abortion foe Live Action showing a counselor at Family Planning Associates in Phoenix saying doctors would not resuscitate the fetus if it survived the procedure.

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