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Arizona senator seeking McCain’s US Senate seat to step down

Ward, McCain

Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward is set to formally resign her seat to focus on her Republican primary challenge to U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Ward says in a letter to Senate President Andy Biggs that she will vacate her seat on Tuesday. The Dec. 2 letter says she plans to devote her energy to defeating the five-term senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee.

Ward is a physician from Lake Havasu City whose current district spans much of Mohave and all of La Paz counties.

Rep. Sonny Borrelli says he’s hoping he’s chosen to fill the remainder of Ward’s term by the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. He’s already running for the Senate seat next year.

Mohave County Republican Party leaders will forward three names to the board for consideration.

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  1. Good! McCain needs to be DONE!

  2. I do think that McCain should retire. He is spot on with some things and way off with others.

  3. Where can I donate money? Anything to rid the Republican Party of McCain!

  4. Since the good citizens of Arizona chose John McCain over J.D. Hayworth last time, I don’t hold much hope anyone can unseat him if he wants to run again. McCain is extremely well funded and does the bidding of his masters on K Street. It will take some incredible blunder on McCain’s part to lose to her. John is the master of the lie, lie, lie until you get re-elected brand of politics. Of course this brand of politics is practiced by most of the RINO’s out there.

  5. Message received. I think many of us Arizona voters are also fed up with McCain. A fresh face with a new point of view and a true Republican stance is just what we need.

  6. My family has 6 votes for and many of my friends want him gone.

  7. Voting against McCain 6 in my family and many more friends against McCain.

  8. Kelli is OPPOSED to Common Core and is a very CONSERVATIVE candidate. Go KELLI

  9. No one in South Carolina likes McCain’s lapdog, Lindsey Graham, yet Graham made it through the primary in 2014. It happened due to a combination of not enough people jumping in to help the challengers’ campaigns and the state’s open primaries in which Democrats can vote in Republican primaries. Arizona Republicans are going to have to work extremely hard to get rid of McCain. It will take a lot of money and a lot of people working in every part of the state.

  10. I’m from Punta Gorda, Florida, but I will drive the 2000+ miles to spend a month or so simply door knocking, not for this woman (whoever she may be), but against who I believe is the absolutely worst elected officials in the Congress today––and there are many very bad ones.

    The secualr media loves him, and well they should. he’s a complete fraud who stands only for the liberal agenda being foisted on a majority of the hapless Arizona citizens by presenting them with lies and distortions of what this disgraceful man is all about.

  11. John, thank you for your long service to the nation, but it is time to go. The best thing to do is to decline to run again. We will remember you fondly if you just go now.

  12. I CAN’T WAIT to vote out that RINO McCain!

  13. Bye bye McCain! The TRUST just isn’t there, and hasn’t
    been for a long, long time!

  14. I find it incredible that after reading just the eleven most recent comments, ZERO were pro McCain. Johnnie, please take that as a message. Your constituency do not want you to go back to Washington. It’s time to retire.

  15. It is a sad commentary on the people of AZ that they have elected this person as their representative over and over. Sad.

  16. Good. I shall keep my Republican registration just enough longer to vote against McCain

  17. John won’t have the time to really do a lot of campaigning…He’s probably to busy working on that Dang fence…

  18. I live in NJ but will be sending a check to Ms Ward. McCain has disappointed many times by collaborating with the Senate’s worst liberals, to whom he is always very congenial. But he employs his most caustic insults to fellow Republicans (and by extension, their supporters), who are on his right Arizona, please don’t get fooled again. Like all RINO’s before a real primary battle, McCain will suddenly start to sound very conservative. Don’t believe it!!

  19. This is one race I will donate to. it is time this tired hero is put to pasture. we have had to deal with his conservative campaigns and liberal-progressive tenures.
    Time to go Mr. McCain. Time to go.

  20. I just cannot understand how a wounded veteran of the Vietnam war, and senator of Arizona for so many, many years, was not aware of the horrible practices and conditions at the VA hospital in his own city.
    Surely his offices received numerous complaints over the years about problems there and yet, nothing was done for so long. Even now, the VA is still rife with issues and for this, he should be ashamed.
    If there was one area that should have “shined like a star” it should have been the Veterans Hospital.
    Where was he? Was he too far into the hole with the unions? What is his excuse?
    There isn’t any. Time to go home Mr. McCain. Let someone else take the wheel.

  21. McCain personifies everything that is wrong in Washington. He is a two faced political hack who lies through his teeth to get elected. Once elected he rejects every campaign promise he made. Repeat every 6 years. I hope Arizona republican voters wake up; but people just love being lied to and have a very short memory.

  22. Arizona has an open primary. Dems will vote for him.

  23. No matter how good or great an American, there does come a time for someone else. We all must make room for others in our chosen fields, and maybe it’s time for Mr. McCain to step down and let others lead the way.

  24. Johnie wet start McCain

    Wet Start–he wet-started his jet on the aircraft carrier, the USS Forrestal that startled the pilot behind him, causing him to discharge one of his rockets that set the whole carrier on fire and killed 134 sailors. It’s a good thing his father and grand-father were Admirals.

  25. How come Mc Cain only POW not to receive a promotion while a POW . To friendly with enemy maybe?

  26. Rev 19:20

    And the beast “0bama” was taken, and with him the false prophet “Bush” that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshiped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

    2 months left and 7yrs tribulation will be up..

    The worst has yet to come. Sorry but I don’t know the day or hour…

  27. Long overdue! As a Marine Corps veteran: l can tell you that McCain is no friend of American veterans or Arizona until it serves his personal interests.

  28. Take THAT Hillary! It really IS time for a Woman and we have one who is NOT under FEDERAL INVESTIGATION !

  29. John “It’s Not Amnesty” McCain is a dishonest dishonorable disgrace. I’d vote for Kim Il Jun’s indicted parakeet before I’d vote for Lieberman’s lapdog, John McCain.

  30. It is far past time for McCain to go. Arizona I judge you from having this actual whacko bird as your Senator for so long

  31. Song Bird McCain! That’s what his fellow POW’s who were at the same prison camp at the same time Johnny boy was called him!!! Very telling is it not guy’s!!! I have had a problem with this man for a long time. I don’t like traitors, and I consider him right up there with the worst. Besides his military career, John made a Promised to the Republicans here in Arizona he would secure our borders and He was against amnesty way back when he wanted re-election as Senator! He got his wish and was re-elected, and with in months of returning to Washington D.C. he and Senator Ted Kennedy came out with what was to be known as the Kennedy/McCain AMNESTY!!!!!!!!

    The Republican Party here Censored John McCain for stabbing us in the back!!!!!!! We will do EVRYTHING POSSIBLE to stop another Re-Election of John McCain. If you live in Arizona, will you join us and Vote for anyone running against him!

  32. #AzCapitolTimes please correct this story. The US Senate Seat is not the property of McCain. The Seat belongs to Arizona, more specifically the voters of Arizona.

  33. Senator McCain, thank you for your service. Now get the heck out of the way for Kelli Ward. BTW: To those of you who attempt to discredit his service and suffering as a POW, shame on you!

  34. We’re planning for a Ward Tsunami in Arizona. The comments here show why. Want to help retire McCain in this historic race? Please go to //www.kelliward.com to volunteer and any donations.

  35. I am no longer surprised at anything the American idiocracy does.

    Chaos is coming.

  36. Agreed.

    I donated to Ernst, Cotton and a few on the house side last year to help get rid of the worst of the RINOs.

    That said, after watching the serial capitulation and the breaking of EVERY promise made in 2014 I’m DONE with the Republican Party.

    I’ll send money to this woman because I think McCain is SUCH a disgrace.

    But unless it’s Trump, Fiorina, Carson or Cruz in some combination on the ticket come November, 2016 I’ll be writing in Baxter Schnauzer/Molly Schnauzer.

  37. Dr. Kelli Ward received the HIGHEST LIFETIME rating (98%) of all Arizona Senators from the American Conservative Union. //acuratings.conservative.org/state-ratings-2015/

    You can donate to her campaign here: //causes.anedot.com/ward-for-senate?sc=home.

  38. John McCain has fooled the Arizona citizens for years by taken money from the lobbyist. He is a compulsive liar and does not have any integrity at all. John McCain has not accomplished anything for the Arizona Citizens on immigration. The empty promises, sorry excuses and lousy progress made can no longer be tolerated by Senator John McCain! Lets vote for Dr. Kelli Ward in order to get this nut job John McCain out of office. Arizona citizens have been lied to long enough by John McCain!

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