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President Clinton endorses Cherny

Former President Bill Clinton (AP Photo) and Andrei Cherny (File photo)

Andrei Cherny played his trump card in the Democratic primary for Arizona’s 9th Congressional District, announcing the endorsement of former President Bill Clinton, his old boss from his White House days.

“In Congress, Andrei will work to improve the quality of our public schools, create good new jobs, and defend Social Security and Medicare,” Clinton said in a release from the Cherny campaign. “I know Andrei will get real results for middle class families because he’s already done it. And, I’m confident he’ll bring to Congress exactly what we need in Washington: a willingness to think new and think big.”

Cherny, who worked as a White House aide during the Clinton administration, said he learned a lot from the former president.

“President Clinton taught me that when it comes to fighting on behalf of families, results matter,” Cherny said. “I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of President Clinton’s team to balance the budget, create jobs, and pass the greatest expansion of children’s health care in American history. I hope to take the focus on getting real results that I learned from President Clinton to work in Congress.”

Cherny often touts his ties to the administration, and all three of the mailers his campaign has released have prominently featured pictures of Clinton. The former Arizona Democratic Party chairman said he was the youngest White House speechwriter in U.S. history.

See Cherny’s mailers:

Cherny Mailer 1
Cherny Mailer 2
Cherny Mailer 3 

The endorsement of the popular former president was well-timed, coming just two weeks before early ballots go out in the hotly contested Democratic primary. Cherny is locked in a tough race with Sen. David Schapira and former Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.

Cherny leads the field in total fundraising, with $469,000 on hand to Sinema’s $358,000. Sinema topped him in fundraising last quarter, however, raising $367,000 to Cherny’s $302,000.

The endorsement is the second by a former president in the race for CD9. Paradise Valley Town Councilman Vernon Parker, one of seven candidates seeking the Republican nomination, was endorsed by former President George H.W. Bush. Parker worked for the Office of Personnel Management during the Bush administration.

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