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Brewer signs 63 more bills, vetoes two others

Gov. Jan Brewer has signed 63 bills this week, bringing the total number of bills signed into law this session to 209.

She signed 20 bills today, 18 on Tuesday, and another 25 bills on Monday.

She also vetoed two bills this week, bringing the veto total to five so far.

Brewer vetoed H2043, which would have established requirements for employers of law enforcement officials to provide final fitness-for-duty examination reports to officers deemed unable to perform the essential functions of their job because of a physical condition.

“An officer that is unfit for duty could pose a serious safety risk not only to his fellow officers, but also to the public,” Brewer said in her veto letter. “I am concerned, however, that the requirement that the reporting officer’s name be disclosed may cause him to refrain from reporting until it is too late and someone may become seriously injured.”

Brewer also vetoed H2215, which would have created a method of industrial and commercial valuation of retention basins and set the value of retention basins at $500 per parcel.

Brewer has exercised her veto privilege about 2.4 percent of the time.

Forty-one bills have passed the House and Senate and are still awaiting Brewer’s signature.

Below are the bills Brewer has signed this week:

H2021 physician assistant practice act
H2046 geographic; historic names board; continuation
H2064 biofuels conversion program
H2069 county election law amendments
H2129 Arizona online instruction; reform
H2145 county planning and zoning
H2156 internal revenue code conformity
H2166 law enforcement, officer, representation
H2258 CDL exemptions; farm vehicles
H2296 peace officer; spouse; insurance payment
H2333 department of gaming; continuation
H2386 feed inspection fees; distillers grain
H2394 expenditure limitation; Town of Superior
H2422 primitive roads
H2429 mediation agreements; privileged communications
H2434 car rental surcharge; vanpool exception
H2435 repetitive offenders; probation; marijuana offenses
H2437 guardianship of foreign citizens
H2442 greenhouse gas emissions; regulations
H2463 auto glass repair; fraudulent practices
H2470 public defender; duties; reimbursement
H2478 development fees; moratorium
H2513 municipal transaction privilege taxes; report
H2534 traffic complaints; social security number
H2540 national disaster medical system; leave
H2541 military duty; unemployment insurance
H2580 vapor recovery systems; test equipment
H2609 officeholder expense accounts; statewide; legislative
H2612 veterinarian regulations
H2689 realtors; education; requirements
H2707 towing firm agreements; ownership disclosure
H2719 school district boundaries; change
S1005 trap and skeet; tax exemption
S1006 PSPRS; fund manager; name change
S1009 juvenile prosecutions; adult court; age
S1023 motor vehicle accidents; death; injury
S1025 criminal justice commission; rules
S1030 driver license violations; suspensions
S1039 AOI; charter schools; processing fee
S1063 public transportation; regional planning
S1091 CPS workers; investigations; group homes
S1095 access to child; notification
S1116 limited income withholding orders
S1124 CORP; reverse DROP; extension
S1137 department of transportation; vehicle right-of-way
S1144 drug offenses; definitions
S1153 state preemption; knives
S1161 death certificates; registration; deadline
S1171 aggregate mining reclamation reports
S1181 autism spectrum disorder task force
S1190 dental board; powers
S1193 agricultural best management practices; enforcement
S1194 Arizona power authority; revenue bonding
S1219 real estate licensees
S1274 STOs; contribution date
S1280 home schooled pupils; scholarships
S1350 military affairs commission
S1356 water bank; excess CAP water
S1376 music therapists; qualifications
S1393 secretary of state; elections; lobbyists
S1398 federal regulations; local coordination
S1419 dentists; contracts; dental hygienists
S1445 groundwater transportation; Big Chino sub-basin


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