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Phoenix Chamber endorses 36 candidates

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce released its list of Arizona House and Senate candidate endorsements on July 6.

The business group endorsed a total of 36 candidates – 13 Senate and 23 House candidates – who they said “distinguished themselves as knowledgeable and supportive of issues affecting the success of greater Phoenix area businesses.”

“We have chosen candidates who understand we have serious community, business and policy issues to address this year,” said chairman John W. Moody in a statement released along with the endorsement list.

Republicans garnered 28 endorsements, while Democrats got eight.

The primary election is Aug. 24; the general is Nov. 2.

Here’s a full listing of Chamber-endorsed candidates:

State Senate
District 4: Scott Bundgaard – R
District 7: Rep. Nancy Barto – R
District 8: Rep. Michele Reagan – R
District 9: Rep. Rick Murphy – R
District 10: Sen. Linda Gray – R
District 11: Rep. Adam Driggs – R
District 12: Sen. John Nelson – R
District 14: Rep. Robert Meza – D
District 17: Wendy Rogers – R
District 19: Rep. Rich Crandall – R
District 20: Rep. John McComish – R
District 21: Rep. Steve Yarbrough – R
District 22: Rep. Andy Biggs – R

State House
District 6: Amanda Reeve – R
District 7: Heather Carter – R
District 8: Michael Blair – R, Eric Ulis – R
District 9: Rick Gray – R, Rep. Debbie Lesko – R,
District 10: Kimberly Yee – R, Rep. Jim Weiers – R
District 11: Rep. Eric Meyer – D, Kate Brophy McGee – R, Shawnna Bolick – R
District 12: Angela Cotera – D
District 14: Rep. Chad Campbell – D
District 15: Lela Alston – D
District 16: Rep. Cloves Campbell, Jr. – D, Ruben Gallego – D
District 17: Ben Arrendondo – D
District 18: Rep. Cecil Ash – R, Rep. Steve Court – R
District 19; Rep. Kirk Adams – R
District 20: Bob Robson –R
District 21: J.D. Mesnard – R
District 23: Frank Pratt – R


  1. Astonishing that no Libertarians made the grade.

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