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Ruling in sweeps lawsuit against sheriff postponed

A judge hearing a lawsuit over immigration patrols by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has postponed a ruling on whether to give the police agency more time to hand over e-mails.

Instead, U.S. District Judge Murray Snow will take up the request at a hearing Friday.

A sheriff’s lawyer wanted the June 11 deadline moved to Aug. 11 because the huge volume of e-mails is taking longer than expected to wade through.

Opposing attorneys who alleged racial profiling by sheriff’s deputies had sought e-mails about the patrols, but some e-mails were deleted in what the agency said was an unintentional error.

Some deleted e-mails may be recovered, because Maricopa County had backed up e-mails by the agency as part of an unrelated lawsuit.

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  1. It is NO SECRET that the Maricopa County Board of Stupidvisors HATED OUR WONDERFUL SHERIFF,JOE ARPAIO becaise HE DOES HIS JOB by enforcing ALL laws !… And you can take that to the bank because Vaclav T. Buchtapeaka is seldom, if ever, wrong !

    Vaclav T. Buchtapeaka
    Former of Praha Czech Republik
    Now American Citized of Phoenix, AriZOOna

  2. I feel that the board of supervisors of Maricopa County don’t care about the
    rule of law. How can they condone enforcing only the laws they want to
    enforce and that is what this is all about. Not enforcing the immigration laws
    is re-enforcing my theory that these people in elected offices are the ones
    using the racial profiling excuse, and trying to enforce the idea that they
    are in the immigrants corner or in other words pandering to the immigrant

  3. Joe Arpaio almost singlehandly is preventing AZ for decending into complete anarchy from all these illegales swamping the state. The biggest threat we the people of AZ face is the criminal activivity and support that the illegals get from our elected officials….Board of Supervisiors, Attorney General, The Mayor…Finally the Governor has come around…Its about time.

  4. We have known for some time that many elected officials are more concened
    about serving law breakers than performing the functions they were elcted to perfofm. Question is how to get the out of office. Can they be sued for breach of contrect? Don’t expect to vote them out next election. They have a majority
    of sympethizers in their districts.

  5. Just more coruption!! That Board of Supervisors, is just that, the maricopa county, “Board of STUPIDVISORS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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