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New billboard warns of racial profiling

Hispanic-rights leaders say they’re targeting locals and tourists alike with a billboard warning of Arizona’s new immigration law.

The billboard cautions: “Have your papers ready — Racial profiling just ahead.”

The group behind the billboard in central Phoenix is Culver City, Calif.-based Brave New Foundation. The groups says it paid for the outdoor advertisement through donations to the Facebook page of a group called Cuentame (CWEHN’-tah-may).

Cuentame is an online immigration forum that has focused on Arizona’s new law, known as SB1070.

The billboard should be up for the next few weeks.

Earlier this year, Brave New Foundation posted an online video in which a Phoenix police officer said the law would make him feel like a Nazi. Officer Paul Dobson was then placed under internal investigation and is expected to face some type of minor discipline.

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  1. ConstitutionalTrust

    Look who is behind this Billboard, Van Jones, moveon.org (George Sorros), Code Pink (Bill Ayers), working families (Joel Rodgers), ACON, ACLU, Rashid Khalidi and Jeff Jones. All of which have Socialist/Progressive ties. We need to wake up as Americans and realize they are trying to take your rights away and destroy America finally, something that Socialist’s and Progressives have been planning since 1901. Please pay attention America, for your own good!!

  2. Targeting locals and tourists? Smells like profiling to me.

  3. More on nothing about nothing and more lies by those against SB1070.

  4. First of all, there’s no such thing as ‘racial profiling.’ That is a term invented by professional race-baiter, Al Sharpton, for a situation in which a cop stops a black driver solely for being black. However, a ‘profile’ requires several factors, not just one. So, such conduct is already-illegal racial discrimination, not ‘profiling. However, the liberal media dances to the tune called by people like Sharpton, and they latched onto the ‘racial profiling’ tag.

    Secondly, as an Hispanic, I deeply resent the reporter calling these leftwing extremists ‘Hispanic-rights leaders. They have nothing to do with anyone’s ‘rights’, and they are CERTAINLY not ‘leaders’ of 99% of Hispanic Americans. They are leftwing extremists and open-borders radicals. Please do not try to sanitize them by calling them ‘leaders.’

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