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Kelly concedes to Giffords in CD8 nail biter

Jesse Kelly, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Jesse Kelly, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ campaign declared victory over Republican challenger Jesse Kelly late Nov. 5 after expanding her lead to more than 3,600 in the latest count.

“Our victory was not an accident. We won because Democrats, Republicans and independents pulled together in our campaign to focus on the real solutions to the obstacles that we face,” Giffords said.

Kelly has also conceded the race.

“While we fell short here in District 8, Tuesday was a resounding victory for America,” Kelly said. “The citizens of this nation overwhelming chose limited government, fiscal sanity, and free market solutions.”

Kelly said voters in his district have spoken, and he respects their decision.

Giffords has captured 133,046 votes compared to Kelly’s 129,405, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

The contest had been one of the most hard-fought races in the country.

In the end, Giffords’ efficient machinery, money and message won the day for her.

Gifford had run an effective campaign, hammering at Kelly for his position on Social Security, Medicare and taxes. She sought to paint her opponent as too extreme for Southern Arizona.

And she had the money to push her message.

Giffords raised more than $3 million, the most of any congressional candidate.

Kelly, meanwhile, sought to portray Giffords as a big-government spender who is on the wrong side of a range of issues, criticizing the incumbent for supporting, among others, the federal health care legislation.

Kelly upended the political establishment in August when he won his party’s nomination over favorite Jonathan Paton, a former state senator.

He also raised enough money to mount an aggressive campaign. Kelly pooled in $1.3 million in this election cycle.

The momentum appeared to favor Kelly.

But Giffords mostly succeeded in putting Kelly on the defensive throughout the campaign.

She sought to portray Kelly as too extreme for the district, a narrative she stuck to since Day One.


  1. Kelly’s just another big-mouth, loud-mouth, ‘my way is the right way’ Tea Party type who ran on a viciously anti-diversity, anti-multiculturalism campagin. His answer to the question “Can’t we just all get along” is “Of course! As long as you see it my way”. Giffords is leading by over 2,000 votes with 99% precinct reporting. That’s a real long shot. There are dems and Independents who have conceded in tighter races elsewhere; so far, only Republicans are holding on to these lost causes, because they’re such sore losers.

  2. Gifford voted for the unconstitutional health care takeover I couldn’t vote for someone who wants to undermined our rights as citizens. I decide what’s best for me, not the government.

  3. Health care reform act is NOT unconstitutional. Tell me how that is possible? This allows ALL Americans to have access to health care. HOW IS THAT BAD for America.

    OF NOTE, America does NOT have the best health care system in the world. America does have, by far, the most expensive health care system in the world. Health care reform would be GOOD for the economy.

    Jesse Kelly’s Daddy pays him STIMULUS dollars and yet he thinks the stimulus is bad. AMAZING.

  4. Jesse Kelly made so many statements that – if thought through- were actually contradictions with the same statement or other policy postions he took. Although he deserves an immense amount of credit for even running for office and volunteering to stand up for southern Arizona (rather than just complaining on the internet or radio talk shows) he was not a good candidate.

  5. The Obama Care is unconstitutional because the “GOVERNMENT can not force anyone to buy anything. If we allow this now they will be making all kinds of decisions for us. That is why we should have smaller government. It too could not vote for Gabrielle Giffords due to her voting on this health care bill. Everyone seems to think we have such bad health care and I need to ask back where are the Canadians coming to get medical care when they are sitting on a list for the government to approve or disapprove whether they will be able to have the procedure or not?????? The democrats seem to feel we all have to deal with there is a time when we reach an age and should come to terms with death. So now we let them decide who lives and dies????? How messed up can that be? Pretty messed up if you ask me????

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