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Gray fends off challenge from well-funded Dem in LD10

Sen. Linda Gray, a Republican from Glendale will retain her seat after fending off Democrat Justin Johnson in Legislative District 10.

Gray tallied nearly 5,000 more votes than Johnson, according to unofficial results compiled by the Secretary of State’s Office.

Although she is the incumbent, Gray was considered somewhat of an underdog in the race because Johnson was backed by prominent business groups and had raised far more money for his campaign.

Johnson raised $118,000, while Gray relied on public campaign financing and was given $21,000 to spend during the general election.

Republicans have a slight voter registration edge in the district, but Democrats regarded Gray’s seat as a pick-up opportunity.

The district, which includes parts of Phoenix and Glendale, perhaps best represents a moderate, urban district, and both candidates sought to portray their campaigns as centrist.

During the campaign, Gray called Johnson a “liberal” and an “old-fashioned carpetbagger.”

Johnson, a small-business owner and son of former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, countered that Gray votes with her party more than 95 percent of the time. He said Gray’s work on a bill to prohibit the creation of human-animal hybrids shows that she is out of touch and too extreme for the district.

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