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Mesa wants pot shops away from public view

Medical marijuana shops will set up in Mesa but finding them may not be easy.

The East Valley Tribune reports Mesa wants marijuana shops in secluded, industrial areas.

Mesa is taking a different approach than most other Arizona cities, which so far have been restricting the shops to commercial zones.

Staff had proposed that kind of regulation, but members of the City Council fear it would put the stores at the corner of major intersections.

Pot dispensaries must be at least a mile from each other, 2,400 feet from rehab facilities, 1,200 feet from churches and schools, and 500 feet from day-care facilities or preschools.

The state is expected to approve about six to 10 shops in Mesa, as the locations will be proportionate to the city’s population.

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  1. Hope Mesa is ready for the lawsuits when people are forced to go to dangerous industrial areas at night to get their medicine. This is discrimination plain and simple, why not force Walgreens to the same areas for the oxycontin abusers?

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