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Brewer cuts $470,000 check for SB 1070 defense

Gov. Jan Brewer, seen here at her recent inauguration, focused on the shooting that shook the nation over the weekend. Brewer signed SB1101 Tuesday evening, limiting protests at the upcoming funerals for the shooting victims. (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times))

Gov. Jan Brewer, seen here at her recent inauguration. (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Gov. Jan Brewer on Thursday approved a $470,322 check for Arizona’s defense of SB 1070.

The expenditure, which covered legal fees from August through November, raises the costs of the
state’s defense of the landmark illegal immigration law to nearly $1.5 million.

The legal fees have all been paid through private contributions to Brewer’s Border Security and Illegal
Immigration Defense Fund. As of Wednesday, the fund had received about $3.7 million, according to the
Governor’s Office.

Since the first legal challenge was filed against SB 1070, more than 251 attorneys have worked on more
than a half dozen lawsuits against the bill, and the federal courts hearing the cases have received more
than 2,000 filings and 56 amicus briefs, according to the Governor’s Office.

On Feb. 10, Brewer and Attorney General Tom Horne filed a counterclaim against the federal
government. The U.S. Department of Justice is suing the state over SB 1070, which it argues is
preempted by federal law.


  1. 470,000 dollars to defend a law? i thought conservatism was about controlling spending and govt overreach? Our schools could use that money but I guess keeping people ignorant has its benefits to the GOP.

  2. No Mr. David Smith, with all due respect you are incorrect, 470K is just the latest check, the running total for the defense of this unconstitutional and moronic bill is $1.5 MILLION and counting, I hate to even think how much SB1611 is going to cost us, but Jan “Puppet” Brewer told 100 transplant patients they were going to die because the State could not afford $1.2 million for their transplants, 2 of them already past away; Why didnt she come up with a website and go nationally for donations to save these Arizonans? after all she was very quick to do exactly that to get donations to defend SB1070, I guess politics takes priority over human lives in Arizona.

    P.S. Sheriff Joe “Dime Bag” Arpaio has already cost the taxpayers $46 Million in lawsuits with many more lawsuits pending for many more millions, also he misappropriated 80 million according to the Board of Supervisors, 46 million of which he already admited to be true after being presented with evidence receipts, and he still has a job. What does a politician have to do in Arizona to be prosecuted and fired? I guess as long you wave the anti-illegal-alien flag in Arizona you are UNTOUCHABLE!

  3. How many well child well-checks on AHCCCS would that have covered?

    A person has to work really hard to make me feel about them the way I do about this horrible woman.

  4. not government spending at all, silly goose. this was money from private individuals given to the governor to defend the law. citizens in action.

  5. Crowin1:

    I beg to differ, the donations money from private individuals for SB1070 is used ONLY for third party law firms to work on defending this law; Any time (office, meetings, travel, etc.), transportation costs, communications costs, etc. incurred or invested by Gov. Brewer, Sen. Pearce, and the A.G. of Arizona are paid by ‘US’, the tax payers!

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