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Brewer signs bill to punish drop house operators

Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law a proposal that would make it a felony to use forgery to rent or buy a home to be used as an immigrant-smuggling “drop house.”

The bill signed on Monday by the governor would make the offense punishable by up to seven years in prison.

Drop houses are homes, apartments or motel rooms where immigrant smugglers hide their customers after they have crossed the border but before they are sent to destinations across the country.

Police have discovered numerous drop houses in metropolitan Phoenix in recent years.

The city is the nation’s busiest hub for immigrant smuggling.

The measure takes effect on July 20.

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  1. Too many Americans in business will do anything to earn money off the backs of the suffering majority by stripping all rights to those they hire legally or illegally, then claim they could not afford monetarily to treat them decently, respectfully, and with concern for their welfare.

  2. We appear to be going backwards in time with the wealthiest keeping their big tax cuts, and expecting the middle class to take on the burden, give up their rights to bargain, and work without boundaries by their employers to fair play, decent wages, freedom to disagree.

  3. Glad that Governor Brewer finally accepted responsibility in agreeing that it is time to stop those who buy or rent houses for the purpose of keeping persons in drop houses by making it a law, and hopefully enforcing it.

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