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Judge throws out ex-Thomas aide Rachel Alexander’s appeal

Rachel Alexander, former deputy Maricopa County attorney. (Photo by Evan Wyloge)

A judge dismissed an appeal of a decision that suspends a former Maricopa County prosecutor’s law license for her role in an unsuccessful racketeering lawsuit against county officials on behalf of then-County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

The dismissal of Rachel Alexander’s appeal came as she was asking for more time to file her opening appellate brief.

Presiding Disciplinary Judge William O’Neil says in his dismissal order that Alexander filed the request at or shortly after a June 6 deadline and that her appeal is now considered abandoned.

Her six-month suspension takes effect on July 23.

The disciplinary panel that ruled against Alexander also disbarred Thomas and another of his former prosecutors after finding, in part, that they broke criminal laws in knowingly bringing false bribery charges against a judge.

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  1. Where are the indictments? AZ wastes no time in rush to judgment and falsely accusing the innocent, throwing them in prison for decades.

    April 10, 2012 Judge’s Ruling to disbar Thomas / Aubuchon and sanction Rachel Alexander

    Presiding Disciplinary Judge > Video Page (archived links of all the disciplinary hearings, listen to Sept. 12, 2011 AZ Bar Attorney Gleason’s opening statement against Thomas / Aubuchon / Alexander.


  2. The Thomas / Aubuchon / Alexander “troika” bragged about their over 200,000 felony cases (since 2005) now working their way through the criminal justice system courts, prisons with no outside investigation of possible wrongful convictions of the innocent, those who were wrongfully charged, over-sentenced, malicious or incompetent. After watching the months of daily disciplinary hearings it is obvious to all there was NO fair or balance justice system. In their quest for power and “control” they have not only destroyed countless lives but impacted negatively, Arizona’s society and future as a “prison” state.

    New Study: Prosecutors, Not Police, Have Driven Prison Population Growth « Prison Law Blog


  3. Legislators, Where’s the oversight, transparency and accountability for the County Attorney’s offices and the Sheriff’s offices. The taxpayers have had enough of their ongoing abuse of power and wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ $$’s. We’ve had enough of “business behind closed doors” with the lobbyists who live at the state legislature.

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