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Sen. Bob Worsley, R-Mesa

Sen. Bob Worsley, R-Mesa

Name: Bob Worsley

Chamber: Senate

Party: Republican

Profession: Owner and founder of New Mexico and Arizona Land Co., which develops energy, mineral and land projects. Previously, he was the owner and founder of Sky Mall, the in-flight shopping catalog.

Hometown: Mesa

Legislative District: No. 25, which covers Mesa.

Committee Assignments: Commerce, Energy and Military; Finance (Vice-Chair); Transportation

Previous or Current Elected Offices: None.

Highlights of Community Involvement: Boy Scouts, United Families International, The Institute for American Values in New York City, president of his congregation.

Why He Ran: “Because Russell Pearce was going to run again … After the redistricting he was going to run unopposed in the district where I live, and I was approached by eight or 10 people saying, ‘Someone’s got to run against him that will really be able to beat him.’”

His Focus: “I think that the state needs to coalesce around a common vision, and we’ve been lacking vision as a state.”

Bills: SB 1389 would require the state to examine the economic impact of proposed laws.


  1. Barbara Santeyan Baggs

    Dear Mr. Worsely,
    I am shocked that any government leader from this great state of Arizona would buckle to Obama care and burden the tax payers ,your constituents . Sir I would BEG you to reconsider your actions and reverse this tragic move that would cripple those honest working Arizonans .

    A Concerned Citizen, Barbara Santeyan Baggs

  2. Thank you for voting along with Governor Brewer on the medicaid coverage. Your political courage will be rewarded with my vote and hopefully I’ll be able to volunteer some time when it comes time to campaign again. I shudder when exposed to the ignorance of some of your constituents that are led by the nose to voice opinions like Barbara Baggs spouting her shock at the burden that accepting expansion of medical care for the deserving that costs us as a state: ZERO DOLLARS.

  3. I, for one, am tired of the uber-right wing members of my Republican party who feel that they are
    somehow justified in spreading falsehoods to achieve their political aims. This claim that Sen.
    Worsley supported Obamacare is the worst kind of underhanded politicking and is unworthy of
    those (1) who contend that they are supporters of the Constitution and (2) who profess to be law abiding
    citizens. Either with dishonest intent, or out of pure ignorance, they conflate the acceptance of
    Medicare benefits for the poorest of the poor, with “supporting Obamacare.” Supporting a
    program which cost Arizona citizens ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, is dramatically different than
    supporting Obamacare. Senator Worsely did not support Obamacare.

    I wish Ralph Heap had the spine to stand up to those who misrepresent his opponent. He has the
    power to do so, but apparently, he does not have the moral courage to put a stop to such mendacity.

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