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Phoenix mayor to spend night in homeless shelter

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (Submitted Photo)

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton will get a firsthand look at what it’s like for some of the city’s homeless veterans.

He will spend Thursday night at a shelter run by the Madison Street Veterans Association. He’ll go through the intake process as a homeless veteran and stay in an open bay along with other veterans.

Stanton says it’s unacceptable for veterans to be homeless. He says it’s a priority for his office to find ways to end homelessness in Phoenix, which is the sixth largest city in the U.S.

During his first two years in office, Stanton hired a senior policy adviser on homelessness and vulnerable populations. He also has participated in the Maricopa County Homeless Count, spent a week living on food stamps and worked on jobs fairs aimed at getting veterans hired.

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  1. The elected officials and legislators need to spend one month in the county jails, state prisons and detention centers as a mandatory internship before they are allowed to write laws that are mass incarcerating Arizona’s people. Homeless shelter s-to-prison pipeline is in the works. Time to train people for real jobs and sustaining themselves while building stronger communities.

  2. The MANA House run by the Madison Street Veterans Association is helping homeless vetrans get there lifes back! thank god for places like them. And thank you to all the supported of the MANA House like the JWV post194 and all the others too.

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