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Nostalgia, but no apologies: Senator explains church law comment

Sen. Sylvia Allen

Sen. Sylvia Allen

Sen. Sylvia Allen, R-Snowflake, on Wednesday explained – but would not apologize – for a comment made Tuesday during a committee hearing saying Arizona should pass a law that people should have to go to church.

The original comment occurred during a vote on legislation to allow individuals who have permits to carry concealed weapons to bring them into public buildings. Allen said she did not understand the opposition and talked about moral breakdown.

“Probably we should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth,” adding “that would never be allowed.”

On Wednesday, Allen said that was a “flippant comment” but decried the changes since she was a child in the 1950s.

“People prayed, people went to church,” she said in explaining her views.

“I remember on Sundays the stores were closed,” Allen said. “The biggest thing is religion was kicked out of our public places, out of our schools.”


  1. Just another typical comment from another typical Republican politician in this state. May someone help those who are electing these wackos., who are positioned to write our laws and influence our lives. It’s the same ones like Allen who just voted to green light cruelty against livestock, making sure they kisses the behinds of their Big Ag lobbyists.

  2. Just when you thought Republicans couldn’t get any more insane with their views…..along comes this nutjob. A law requiring people to go to church?! Seriously?!? How about a law “requiring” all Republican or Tea Bagger candidates to take an ink blot test before getting onto the ballot???

  3. Sylvia Allen is one of the “Vile 16” who just voted YES on HB 2150, which to describe bluntly is the “affirmative animal-cruelty bill.” She and 15 of her colleagues as defined below voted with Big Ag and the Farm lobbies — and the American Legislative Exchange Council that writes the “Ag Gag” animal cruelty “model” bills — to expose livestock (cows, horses, pigs, chicken, sheep, lamb, etc.) to heinous cruelty while giving perpetrators a green light to carry out abusive, torturous acts. This church thing leaves one questioning her mental capacity, but voting for animal cruelty and ignoring the lives of the innocents underscore the fact that this woman has no soul. Yes votes on HB2150: (16): Carlyle Begay; Jeff Dial; David Farnsworth; Steve Smith; Steve Yarbrough; Sylvia Allen; Gail Griffin; Kelli Ward; Kimberly Yee; Nancy Barto; Judy Burges; Barbara McGuire; Lynne Pancrazi; Don Shooter; Bob Worsley; Andy Biggs

  4. We’ve evolved … oh wait …

  5. First, Senator Allen might be disappointed to find out that you don’t have to go to church to be moral. This study may be illuminating:

    Second, I don’t see any good connection between carrying guns and religion. Perhaps she could share what part of Jesus’ message leads her to want to endorse this policy of allowing guns in our public buildings-and for those municipalities that would prefer not to do so-that all the costs have to borne by taxpayers.

  6. The fact is that prisons are jam packed with “christians” at a much higher rate then society at large. And in many cities, they are seeing some of the lowest crime rates in history. Lady. I’m sure that this isnt the first time that you’ve been way off, but i cannot imagine you being able to be any wronger. You are ridiculous.

  7. If church becomes mandatory…
    I will be opening a church dedicated to praising Bacchus/Dionysus, and encourage sex and intoxication throughout Arizona…

  8. Nothing says liberty like having being forced to attend church….

  9. What a vile human being. Morality? With christians the highest in prisons and atheists less than 1%, I’d say churches need to be converted to homes for the homeless but religion is a disease that needs eradicated

  10. If she so longs for the 1950s, would she be willing to give up her Senate seat? In the 1950s, a woman would have rarely been elected to public office, let alone held any type of type other than a secretary or teacher. She would have stayed at home as a housewife. In those, when she fondly recalls such high morals, it was also okay for husbands to rape and beat their wives. Also, despite all of the church-going and praying that seemed to happening, there was still segregation, which I am sure God would consider a moral bankrupting of America’s souls!! I guess the 1950s she describes was the 1950s according to Sylvia Allen and the LDS Church. Oh, by the way Senator Allen, one last question: was your son-in-law who worked at the women’s prison attending church regularly when he got caught with his hand in the nookie jar? Just curious because it would then seem that even people that attend church can be morally bankrupt, as you have experienced personally!!!

  11. I will voluntarily go to church the day all politician’s paychecks are reduced to $40k per year, and the remaining sum donated to Habitat for Humanties and Wounded warrior project to help with this country’s homeless population. If there IS a god, and he makes that happen… I would serve him tirelessly and faithfully.

  12. Sylvia,

    Tell that to Bill Maher and all the other atheists that they have to go to church. Sounds like you want to have a fascist country for GOD.

  13. Sen. Allen should come down from her high horse before she falls and hurts herself. Wills she next suggest women wear burkas? Will she propose a bill that forbids women to leave their house unless accompanied by a male relative? How many lashes if one misses a church service?

    She is an anti-democratic moral scold shilling for Big Business. Why would any American vote for a lawmaker who puts Big Business interests ahead of the interests of We the People?!

    We the People must stop electing lawmakers who bend us over to be fisted by Big Business.

  14. We are americans free from religion or do you not get that.. maybe you should go finds some puritans and sail to a new land..

    religion causes conflict and war…. Good people create communities and help one another.

  15. Here’s a better idea. How about all State Senator elects be required to addend constitutional law classes before they take office

  16. What does she propose Jewish people do?

  17. This Representative is an embarrassment to the Republican Party if they all don’t think this way. If they do, goodbye, Republican Party as I will take away my registration.

    This woman, Sylvia Allen, is a total idiot. Can you imagine how she would handle a real crisis in government now? Get her out of office, people!!!

  18. My G-d lady separate church and state. You Tea par tiers are all alike you only want white christian narrow minded people in your party. The reason you all want to change voting etc is because you cannot get elected with just the white vote anymore. Everyone one except a Native American has had their family history begin in another country. We all came here for different reasons but one of them was religious freedom.

  19. Sen. Allen equates morals with religion, so to her, a lack of religiosity equals a lack of morality. To her, a majority of people going to church, publicly praying, and not shopping on Sundays means that society is moral. There are many problems–especially politically–with this view, which I detailed in a paper I wrote in 2003 while still a fundamental Christian, in the section on “Claiming divine favor.”

    When I wrote that paper, I agreed with Allen that there is a moral decline; I only disagreed about the way to solve it. But even as a fundamental Christian, I understood that when determining policy which applies to all, not just Christians, morality must be defined by secular and not religious standards. There is some overlap, but many differences as well. So is there a moral decline? Yes, divorce rates have gone up, and studies have shown that the increase in single parent homes is the chief cause of the marked increase in juvenile delinquency. But overall, crime rates have greatly decreased, and education, rights and opportunities for all have vastly improved, since the “golden age” of the 1950s which Allen misses.

    The areas of our quality of life (which determines the health and morality of any society) which have declined have to do with corporate policy and influence in government, not with a decline in religious activity. It is clear that the ethics and morals of corporate owners have severely decreased since the 50s, but the reasons for this decrease aren’t something I’ve looked into. I would guess that it has a lot to with the increased emphasis on individualism which I discuss in that paper.

  20. She lies. We’ve never “kicked [religion] out of our public places, out of our schools.” People have always been able to pray wherever and whenever they like, but of course that isn’t what she means.

  21. I cannot believe these stupid idiots who apparently know NOTHING about why and how the USA was founded, and have NEVER read our Constitution………The English came HERE because the King of England was forcing his religion done their throats and charged his people outrageous taxes to carry out his commands…..sound familiar?. The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to prevent that from happening again. This country was not set-up to force any particular religion on it’s people. Then this stupid idiot from AZ and the stupid idiotic governor of IN decided to force religious laws down our throats when we are entitled, have the right to make our OWN choices. I would love to sit with either of the dumbas*es and let them explain their logic… wouldn’t work because they don’t think logically. The ONLY think and carry out the wishes of their biggest financial donor…..

  22. Nothing says, “I am totally clueless” like suggesting church attendance will somehow improve the country’s fortunes. The only thing sillier I can think of is if she said something like, “people should be carrying their guns everywhere,”…oh wait.

  23. Dangerous, that is all you can say about the Religious Right! This World would be a better place without Religion!

  24. Oh my god, what a complete and utter twit!

  25. Why I became a Libertarian! My opinion is there are more Wack-jobs in the Democratic Party than Republican.

  26. Sounds like Sharia Law. What we have here is the American Taliban.

  27. Religious. Liberty forever!!! Even though Revelations 13 warns us that religious. liberty will end in this country.

  28. Did any of you read the whole thing? It’s really short. Here’s the part you missed “On Wednesday, Allen said that was a “flippant comment” but decried the changes since she was a child in the 1950s.

    Do you know what a flippant comment is? sigh*

  29. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, the US homicide rate (per 100,000) in 1950 was 4.6. In the most recent tabulated year, 2013, the rate was 4.5.

    Sen Allen’s premise is incorrect, regardless of legality.

  30. In the 50s? Well then, she must have forgotten that her place is in the kitchen and she has let herself go which no respecting wife would to her husband. Maybe she needs to be shown how to Google “Sexist 1950s Housewife ads” Because the 50s is definitely the world I want to live in said no intelligent woman ever.

  31. Jews, Christians and Islamics all believe in the same God. Between themselves they have been at the root of major destruction and killing for thousands of years. And you Senator, want to promote more of this? The bible is based on a myth. The sooner people learn this the better off we will be.

  32. I don’t have religion in my life. I guess you could just call me an atheist. I pay my taxes. I save for retirement. I donate to shelters and children’s organizations year round. And I don’t abuse alcohol or use drugs. GASP!! Sylvia, there are millions of non church going, non religious, good people out there. Some of them might even be your constituents.

  33. You people actually voted for her?

  34. calm down…it was a “flippant” comment in response to something she thought was idiotic. She isn’t trying to really pass a law like that! LOL don’t you love sensationalism?

  35. I’m torn–on one hand, I’m sort of excited to find out what church they’re going to force my children and I to attend–kind of like that sorting hat business in Harry Potter. “I got Gryffindoor! I got PuffleStuff! I got Seventh Day Adventist!”

    On the other hand, compulsory religion is kind of ISIS-like, right?

  36. SnowFLAKE seems quite nostalgic for the past, specifically the 1950s: prayer, stores closed on Sundays, etc. Yep, the past was great: we also had segregation in the 1950s, Jim Crow laws in the 1950s, women were not really entitled to a career in the 1950s, and I would also ask that Ms. SnowFLAKE count the number of female legislators in the Arizona House in the 1950s. Yep, the 1950s was a blast all because of prayer and church.

  37. I am a Christian and I attend church every Sabbath but I do not want to be forced to go to church. And that is the beauty, elegance and intelligence of Jesus’ teaching. “Behold I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him and sup with him and he with me.” Revelations 3:20. Serving and worshipping God should never be mandated. The United. States is not and should never be a theocracy. I thought that this was pretty basic knowledge. But here we have a State Senator suggesting otherwise. Shame on her, she should know better..

  38. Brainwashed as a youth, in ignorance of man’s place in the natural world, frothing secret codes in dark venomous mysticism, regular worship of feeble Salt Lake City and Mesa men in suits viewed by followers as living G_ds, planet seeding babies, destroys all that is sacred to Native American Indian tribes, thinks she can manage national landscapes/forests better than 10’s of thousands of earth and biology scientists.

    This state is utterly bankrupt.

  39. The Senator was obviously bemoaning the decaying moral decadence of our society where anything goes. Mandatory church attendance may not so practical but instituting a mandatory Minute of Silence in all public schools is a way where every child can be given the opportunity to pray or think whatever they want guided by their parents. Statistics show that children growing up in families where there is moral upbringing, are far less prone to crime and violence when they get older. Perhaps a way to save money on prisons, is to prevent the problem in the first place.

  40. Capitalism hates religion as religion encourages moderation, prayerful Sunday not shopping, frugality, humility, etc. all things that get in the way of more profits.

  41. Suzanne Hubbard

    It seems that everyone is allowed an opinion, and the masses will defend ANY position …. as long as it doesn’t involve religion. Say the dreaded word, and you are bashed and ostracized as intolerant and uninformed. You self-proclaimed liberals are tolerant of everyone’s position … as long as it’s the same as YOURS. Tell me who’s INTOLERANT!!!

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